My Angel fish looks ill 20 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by pixieclayton, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Hi I'm new at all this! I bought 2 new small angel fish yesterday to go in my community tank, All the fish don't fight and get on (a little to much sometimes :) if you know what i mean) Anyway one of the angel fish has his gills open and they look really red? i'm not sure why but think it could be stress related? any advise would be good, all the other fish look good and the angel fish is still swimming arround and eating normally
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    Well first I wanted to welcome you to fish lore :;hi2

    I really hope you didn't add them to a tank that had been started a week ago. Exactly how many fish do you have in the tank? You tank is probably in a cycle and angels are much too delicate for starter fish then plus your tank is much too small for even one angel unfortunatly.
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    No the tank was started about 7 weeks ago and the man in the shop said the tank being 80x40x30 would be fine?? The one Angel is fine its just the other one the angels are about 3cm at the mo and we have about 9 in there all different most of them are mollys and guppys apart from 1 x sucker any advice ?
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    First thing you need to do is read up on the nitrogen cycle. You shouldnt add angel fish to a tank unless it has been established and running for several months. Red gills are usually an indication of ammonia poisening. If you just set your tank up last week it has not cycled and depending on what other fish you have in there the angels will likely die, and the other might also.
    Lasty angels are are a chichlid and when they start to grow they will cause problems in a communtiy tank. Maybe the place you bought them will let you return them.
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    Angels also do not do well with guppys, the angels will probably pick on them.
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    There is no fighting at the mo its nice and quiet with the odd male trying it on with a female but then they are babies at the mo! i'm annoyed because the guy said that as they were babies they would be fine!
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    if you read the links about the nitrogen cycle, it will explain whats probably going on ....the daily water changes with a detoxify er(in the other link) is going to be needed asap to help keep the fish alive

    also, you may want to get a new user name......your email address will be for the public to see as a search on the web....our site is open to the web for everyone to view

    heres a link if you decide to ask for a new user name
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    Thanks for your help i'm on it as we speak x
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    wait do you also have a sucker fish (pleco) in there as well? I think I just read that but I'm not positive. If so you are severely over stocked I don't think any pleco IMO would be able to live in a 20 gallon tank.

    I'm not sure what "mo" means but I hate to bash pet store people because I work at one but honestly you should never believe them. If you see a fish you like go home and research then you'll never have this problem of "oh but the petstore guy said they'd be okay" Many people who work at pet stores know nothing about fish. Always research and make sure that fish is a good match for your tank.
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    I think "mo" is short for moment.