my angel fish is sick :( Help

Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by Hailz, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. HailzNew MemberMember

    Hi Guys,

    I've just brought my first lot of angel fish today, they all seem to be doing fine, however one of them is sick :( it keeps lying on its side and isn't even attempting to swim, i tested the PH and it was a little high so i added PH down, it seems to be swimming around a little more (not much of a improvement though), it also keeps going near my bubble blower and getting blown around alot - would you suggest turning this off for the time being? - i think it could be making it worse. I've also tried feeding it a pea as i though it might be a bladder problem, however so far it hasn't made any improvements:;dk.
    I have only had this tank set up for a few weeks or so, all my other fish are doing fine except for this one (i have neons, peppermints, guppies, and angels). I have cleaned the tank 25% as well. Any suggestions of what i can do to save it? i'm trying everything but nothing seems to be working - i can't see any signs of bacterial infection either (pink blotting etc) - however a couple of the other angels i have do have this (unsure if it is bacterial infection or simply the colour of their flesh as they are slightly translucent).:;fb
    I'm new to this so any information would be much appreciated!!!:;f

  2. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning Hailz and Welcome to Fish Lore.

    So sorry to hear one of your Angels is ill.

    First I would like to recommend that you not use any chemicals to alter your pH levels. They can be very unstable and even cause your pH to crash resulting in fish loss. There are natural ways to alter your pH :

    Most fish can adapt to the pH levels that we have to offer right from the tap.

    Too, I see that you are unaware of the Nitrogen Cycle (according to your aquarium profile information). This is crucial to fish keeping:
    The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle
    Check it out and if you have questions, by all means don't hesitate to ask.

    Sometimes Angels can be tricky. They really should go into a well established tank of at least several months old. In the past anytime that I purchased Angels at least one would not survive the trauma of being transferred from the store to my tank. Sometimes there is just nothing that we can do for the little critters.

    A good test kit to have is the API (liquid) Master Test Kit. It will test for everything mentioned in the Nitrogen Cycle. Widely suggested on this forum. Very accurate. Paper test strips are not suggested. They can be inaccurate.

    Best of luck and keep us posted please.

  3. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    The first thing I would say is that your tank isn't cycled properly & your angel is suffering from ammonia or nitrite poisoning most likely. Daily 25-50% water changes will be need to combat ammonia. Use Prime water conditioner as it will help detoxify the ammonia & the nitrites. If you can find it get yourself some Tetra Safe Start. This is like a bacteria in a bottle & is the only one that works. Don't get another bacteria product & don't let anyone tank you into any other product. Here's a couple of links about the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle. Have a good read of them as it is stuff every aquarist really needs to know & will help you make sure you have happy healthy fish.
    Buy yourself an API Liquid Master Test Kit, so that you can check on the Ammonia, nitrite & nitrate levels in your tank as well as check the PH.

    The next bit of news you won't like, your tank is too small for angelfish. You should really have a larger tank to keep even one. You would need a vry large tank to keep 12. You should see if you can return some of them if not all of them to the place where you got them. Angelfish will most likely eat your Neons when they grow up abit and might well chow down your guppies to. Here is a link to an Angelfish profile so you can learn a little bit more about them.

    The next thing you won't want to hear is that you either need to get lots more female Guppies or get rid of all but one male or get rid of the two females & just keep males. Guppies mate like you wouldn't believe & the males will chase the females to death if there are not enough females to keep the males busy. From memory at least 3 or 4 females are needed for every male. If you decide to get more females you are going to need another tank for the babies & there will be alot of them.

    The next bit is also bad news I'm afraid. PH up & down products are very bad news. They will mess with your water chemistry & will actually cause more problems than they will solve. You probably won't need to raise your PH so we won't worry about that for now. To lower the PH you can either add tannins to the water via the addition of certain leaves or usually the addition of aquarium safe wood that has not been pre-soaked. The other way is by the addition of CO2 gas to the aquarium but that might be a bit advanced for you seeing as you are just starting out. In all honesty the fish should get used to the PH of your tap water without any problems unless your water has a very high PH, (over 8.0) or very low PH, (below 6.5).

    I'm sorry the news isn't better but that's the best advice I can give you for now. There are others on Fishlore that deal with & know much more about Angelfish than I do so hopefully one of them will be along to help you out soon.
  4. HailzNew MemberMember

    Thanks so much for that - i'm having a read of the nitrogen cycle now :)
    My dad kept tanks for years, they guy in the aquarium shop seemed to think that angle fish would be great as starters as they are study(he was also the one who told me to use the PH alter - sounds like he didn't really know what he was talking about), i have since found out (after reading several posts and advise from my dad) that this is not the case - so i think i have alot of work to do!
    Unfortunatly i don't think that there is much hope for my angel :( he seems to be taking his last breaths, thank you so much for you advise though - i havn't given up on him just yet and will keep you posted :)
  5. HailzNew MemberMember

    Whoops - i have a 170 litre tank not 70 litre (typo sorry), I do plan to seperate the guppies and neons from my angels once they have grown a bit (i have very small ones at the moment they are 2-3cm), but for now am keeping them together. :;dolphin
  6. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Whew!! That's a bit better size for Angels.:) Don't wory about typos, we all ake them. Especially me. Don't know if 170lt is large enough for 12 Angels but it is far better than a 70lt! Perhaps someone with more angelfish experience can guide you how many would suit in your tank. I would say probably 3 maybe 4 but I could very well be wrong.
    You will still have the problem I mentioned with the male to female ratio with your guppies though. Either more females or just keep males. The males really will chase the females to death. Keep us posted how it all works out for you & post some pics of your set up so we can all see your fishies.:)
  7. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Good morning. You've gotten great advice so far from Nutter and Ken.

    Could you please fix your aquarium info to state that your tank is 170 liters? 25 extra gallons makes a HUGE difference.

    Also, even in a tank that's 45 gallons, I think 12 angels is way too many. A peppermint pleco will get to 7 inches. I think that they are recommended for 55 gallons? So even if you are able to squeeze one in your tank, I think 2 is stretching it. I think with your neons, guppies (you really should fix the male/female ratio), and a peppermint pleco, I think you should stick with 2 angelfish. Also, it would probably be better if you were able to rehome both plecos and get something smaller for the bottom of your tank.

    Welcome to FL!
  8. HailzNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the advise guys :):;z
    I went to my dads place today and stole 3 of his tanks (already set up and had been running with water for a few weeks - it was a mission getting help to carry them to my car!!)
    I've now proportioned my tanks well i think :) - 3 angel fish in 3 on the tanks (one of my angels died during the night :( ) i gave my dad 2 angels as well :)
    so in 3 tanks (each tank is ~200L) i have 3 angels in each tank. in my original tank i have put the neons and guppies and peppermints :), I also went down to the aquarium store and got 7 females :) - so my male to female ratio is 5:9 - is that ok?
    I'll keep my peppermints for now, the guy at the aquarium store seemed to think that they won't grow for a few years, and when they do my size tank should be fine (i have quite a long one rather than tall), if they do grow to big i'm sure my dad has somewhere to keep them :)

  9. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Wow! You've been busy! lol I hope you can share some photos with us sometime. Glad to hear that you have distributed your fish among the other tanks. Great job!
  10. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Great job! I'd pick up some more female guppies since you have the space. Maybe 4 more?

    try - it's a fun site to help figure out stocking. Post final decisions on here and we'll give input as well, if you want. :)
  11. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Wow. I thought I collected tanks fast! Good to see that you have managed to sort out good homes for all of your fish. A few more female guppies still wouldn't hurt but the ratio you have now is 110% better than what you did have, so well done. You won't need to give the Peppermints to your dad either. They would be more than happy in a 200lt tank each or if they have a territory each two in a 200lt will be okay as long as they have enough food/algae each. The guy at your LFS is right, peppermints take a couple of years to really start to grow & then they take off & get to thier full size fairly quickly.
  12. HailzNew MemberMember

    Yeh i got the last few at the fish shop :) - they won't be geting any more in until after new years, so i guess i'm just going to have to wait until then :)
    Everything seems to be going fine now, my house looks lovely with all these fish tanks everywhere :) Thanks so much for your help everyone :) I'll be posting lots of pix within the next week or so :):;dolphin

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