My anacharis got... wiped out

  1. atc84

    atc84 Well Known Member Member

    So i'm on this streak of random plants getting demolished by some magical force. First the duckweed (i was ok with that) but then my anacharis (or elodea however you wanna call it) basically disappeared. I think my fish ate it, since anacharis is known to be eaten by goldfish, but i had quite a lot, and now i just have some straggly half dead ones left.

    On a good note, my dwarf sag finally started propogating! i guess with less green in the tank, the dwarf sag finally had a chance to soak up the nutrients and send runners.

    Oh, on a side note, my jungle val got attacked by some black beard algae, but when i cut off the tips they don't grow back very well. allowing more BBA to grow on it. Should i just cut the entire leave of the affected plant?
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    19jimmy17 Valued Member Member

    Probably was the gold fish i know they are notorious for eating everything they can put in there mouth.I also know people buy duckweed as feed for there goldfish and koi in there ponds