My Amano looks to be knocked up :o

  1. dragonspirit1185

    dragonspirit1185 Valued Member Member

    So yeah I think it's pretty apparent that is the case
    I'm not sure what to do.
    I read one article that said they have to go in saltwater.
    I have 5 cherry barbs in there.
    No I'm not going to set up another tank for her and/or the babies and stuff that's out off the question.
    Landlord is already pretty bitter I went with a 10 gallon to begin with.
    I told them I was gonna get a betta and they assumed I was gonna put it in a small betta bowl xD
    I'm allowed to have other tanks for reptiles and such but no more aquariums with water.
    No I'm not going to try to sneak a small thank in. They are doing lots of work to our apartment and I'm not risking it.
    Hopefully they will be ok in there and I'm getting a betta from someone and I know there is a high chance it will eat the larvae.
    They might wind up being food.
    Thinking about taking her to Petco where they can be isolated in a tank of their own and then they can find homes for the babies. If they are willing.
    I'm honestly wanting to roll with it and watch this experience.
    I have moss and stuff where the larvae can hide.

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  2. hollie1505

    hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    Have you thought about using a divider? you could definitely separate the shrimp and the betta in a 10 gallon.... although i'm sot sure if this is possible with the barbs, someone with more experience will have to step in here.xx
  3. OP

    dragonspirit1185 Valued Member Member

    I'm not interested in doing anything to my tank like that at all. I have plants and driftwood and all sorts of things and I'm not going to change everything for the shrimp babies.
    I'm just gonna roll with it and if they survive they do.
    HOpefully someone can tell me how to better increase the odds without changing anything too much at all.
    Besides I read they have to be reared in brackish water and introducing that much salt will kill my plants from what I understand.
    So either it's gonna have to be ok how it is or I'm going to have to rehome her.
  4. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Amano larvae won't survive in freshwater, they have to be moved to brackish water pretty soon after hatching & even then there's no guarantee they'll make it, I doubt your Lfs has time to raise them or would even want to try.
  5. OP

    dragonspirit1185 Valued Member Member

    Yeah they aren't interested I just called them. The guy said he has had the same issues before and he just went with it and most of the time they wound up being food for his other fish.
    I'm not allowed to set anything else up, aquatic wise, in my apartment.
  6. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I wouldn't worry about it & just let nature take it's course