My Adfs Are Absolute Jerks Help

Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by Tonpole, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. TonpoleNew MemberMember

    I have 2 ADFs in my 20g and they are so aggressive that I've questioned if they aren't actually clawed frogs. Reddit confirmed for me that they are definitely dwarf frogs. For starters, I have not experienced ADFs being "slow" or "bad" eaters. As soon as I drop food into the tank, it is the thunder dome. They come flying out of wherever they were at mach 5, busting down doors, limbs flailing everywhere in search of that food. They chase the cories and bettas away and violently bite at everything. I just watched the frogs get into basically a slap fight with each other for a solid 15 seconds over some food. One bit my finger (obviously didn't hurt at all but it tried its hardest). The other one approaches the front of the tank when I'm looking and will bite at the glass if I hold my finger to it. Luckily, they either have bad aim or can't bite hard enough to injure the fish because none are scared of them and I see no actual nipped fins or other wounds. I am slightly worried they'll annoy my betta one day and she'll mess them up.

    I don't know if this is a sign of severe stress or if I just have super wired ADFs. I read almost everywhere that they're a pretty docile and shy animal. They also didn't start out this way. Originally, they were extremely shy and hid 24/7 the first week or two of having them. Would this behavior be better if I stocked more frogs? I think I comfortably could. My 20g has a betta, 5 bronze cories, and the 2 frogs. I get 0/0/0 on my parameter readings every time (I have a pic of today's if you want proof and I did a water change last 5 days ago) so I think my tank could handle a little more stocking. Especially since I just added more plants today plus root tabs, so hopefully I should see more plant growth.

    TLDR: My ADFs are super mean and wanna fight everyone, including me. Is this because I do not have enough, or do I just have rude dudes?
  2. fish 321Well Known MemberMember

    Haha mine do the same thing they love harrasing my cories and try to attack me when I am next to the tank.
  3. midnaWell Known MemberMember

    lol what the heck. tbh i'd get them their own 10 gallon tank and add a couple more.
  4. KjeldsenValued MemberMember

    Mine would slap around the betta whenever she came to steal their food, but it didn't stop her. I guess getting frog-slapped doesn't hurt too badly, but, yeah, they're not always the weak little victims we think of.
  5. TonpoleNew MemberMember

    Okay, well, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with mean frogs. I think one of mine is entering the rotund realm. I noticed its tummy is slightly rounded and it's beginning to have some back cleavage.
  6. FishMommerValued MemberMember

    So glad you posted this. I was actually just searching to see if there was any info on such behavior.

    We have had one in a 16g tank with Glow fish n tetras. They all generally eat at the top or mid level - so no squabbles. This frog seems so pleasant. :emoji_heart:

    Our other tank a 20 g has 3 ADFs. One female larger, another slightly smaller, and a male.
    It seemed I first noticed it with the largest female. She would go after the others over food. Biting at them. Then I notice the male biting at the smaller female. Now I think they all do with each other. :( It looks scary and I am not a fan. At first I thought maybe they just needed more to eat. But I don't think that is the issue. I think that is just how they are, nothing is enough? Aside from that they are still SO darn cute. They sometimes lunge at the Gouramis, but mostly they keep their distance now. Plus I try to feed them food up top more to keep them apart.

    Btw, maybe your ADF getting plump is a female. :)
  7. BertramNew MemberMember

    Yes, I have to agree, the people who say that ADFs are passive and non-aggressive certainly haven't seen them during dinner time!

    I'm curious if anyone with ADFs on the more aggressive side has seen them actually injure another. Most of what I've read said they're not really capable of doing so, but I'm currently treating an injured frog and I've suspected it was the result of one of her fellow ADFs.

    I don't believe your frogs are acting out like that due to stress or not enough frogs. If anything they're probably behaving so boldly because they feel comfortable enough! ADFs seem to have their own personalities. I have had ones that are super shy and never bit another frog, and others who will nip at anything that moves in front of them. Regardless though, feeding time does bring out their more aggressive side. You could try to feed them food separately while they're at different areas of the tank. That's what I try to do, although they do tend to swim over pretty quickly when they suspect you're feeding them.
  8. CMBWell Known MemberMember

    Really? Mine are so nice. They live in a 10 gallon well planted with a Betta (only had them for two weeks though), and they Judy lay around and scavenge the bottom of the tank all day, I've never seen them fight.
  9. PascalKryptValued MemberMember

    Tbh I think it has something to do with the frogs adjusting to tank mates that may take all the food from them. I keep my ADFs (2) in a tank with blue-eyed rainbows, lightning-fast but very small fish. It seems ill-advised but actually works because the frogs have learned that sitting at the surface when I tap to indicate food is a much better way to get the cream of crop instead of waiting at the bottom. Though they are slower to position themselves, once they do they will chase off the fish with a vengeance to protect their prime spot. They are messy eaters and half of it drops down, which then the fish shoot after. Works pretty well for me. The one does it more than the other though, he often stays at the bottom regardless but is definitely well fed. Maybe he swims up when I'm not looking?
  10. CMBWell Known MemberMember

    Mine come out in the hour or so after food is put in to scavenge food off the bottom. The betta in with them is a bit of a pig, but doesn't take all the food and actually avoids them, so no problems so far. I've seen that with a lot of fish, aggressiveness is related to how well fed they are. My fish are all pretty peaceful, but there was this one time I tried to fast my platy tank for a day. They tried to kill each other.