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  1. sunshine2012 Member Member

    Does anyone know how to update my profile? I wanted to add a few things and I have tried to go into my name and when I try to click on anything I can't, all I can do is change my profile picture. Thank you
  2. JKCichlids Member Member

    Same here
  3. Aster Well Known Member Member

    Go to My Profile, then About Me. Click on the pencil icons to change whatever you need to.

  4. JKCichlids Member Member

    Aster I'm stuck on the part after About Me. I can't find the pencil icons
  5. sunshine2012 Member Member

    Where do I go to find my profile? What do I click on cause I'm not seeing my profile anywhere
  6. JKCichlids Member Member

    I believe u go on the actual website of FishLore.... If ur using the apphope that helped
  7. sunshine2012 Member Member

    Yes I am using the app so that's probably why
  8. JKCichlids Member Member

    Ya same here I use the app
  9. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

  10. sunshine2012 Member Member

    Found it thank you. Had to go on website. I googled on how to update profile and it walked me through it.
  11. Aster Well Known Member Member

    The pencil icons are right beside the names of things you can customize.

    If you're using the app, it may be different
  12. JKCichlids Member Member

    I got it
  13. Jnx Member Member

    I'm having the same problem. When I go to the website and click About Me, there are no pencil icons, and apparently no other avenues I can find.
  14. Aster Well Known Member Member

    The icons are beside the words that say Biography, Location, etc. Click on them and it will let you edit it.
  15. Jnx Member Member

    Thank you! I had to follow some steps to get the pencil icons to show up, but did get it to work. I should have searched more before posting.