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I have a 65 gallon aquarium I would like to run as my first community tank and inside I am putting the following but it is kinda under stocked. Maybe some kind of shrimp or some snails or other kinds of fish Just please leave suggestions for me.

6x KhulI Loaches
6x Pearl Gourami
4x Mollies
4x Swordtails
2x Brittlenose plecos
12x Neon Tetras

Please no corries and the fish on the list are going in the tank no matter what, Thanks.




I wouldn't have 6 pearl gouramis, way too much for that small of a space, and the temperature ranges of the neons and pearls have very little overlap of temperature so arguably wouldn't be temperature compatible. But if you are set on having all of these fish, then this is what I would recommend:
10 kuhlI loaches
1 pearl gouramI
5 mollies
2 bn plecos
1o neon tetras
10 ember tetras
Shrimp and snails (if the tank is heavily planted the shrimp will survive)
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RainBetta said:
Your tank is not understocked- its overstocked!!! DEFINITELY NOT on the 6 pearl gouramis. A 65G isn't suitable for 6 of them at all!!!!!!! I would do this for stocking:

x6 kuhlI loaches
x2 pearl gouramis
x5 mollies OR swordtails - pick one
x2 plecos
x12 neon tetras
x4 Nerite snails

Shrimp will get eaten unless you want bamboo shrimp (I don't know about those so I may be wrong???)

BTW is ur tank already stocked or are you just planning?????
Just planning and thanks for the help I think I will use that list


EagleDrake13 said:
Just planning and thanks for the help I think I will use that list
Phew!! Alright good luck then!

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