My 55 Gallon.

  1. Cowfish928 Member Member

    My 55 is my Oddball tank. I just thought I could share it with everyone. I plan on upgrading this 55 to a 100 within a few months. I plan on posting updates and pictures on this post.
  2. Bhuij Member Member

    Great! I have a 55g myself, so I love seen what others have done with theirs.

  3. cheese Member Member

    I'd love to see it :) I'm setting up a 55 soon too :)

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  4. Cowfish928 Member Member

    That's awesome! Bhuij I would totally want to see what you have going on in your 55! I am very interested. cheese I can't wait to see your 55 when it is set up, when do you plan on setting it up!?

  5. Bhuij Member Member

    I converted from fake plants and decor to real driftwood, rocks, and live plants about a month ago and I think it looks SO much better (the fish are happier too). I never suspected keeping live plants could be almost just as rewarding as keeping fish haha.

    There are quite a few images of my tank in this thread, so if you skim it you'll see several photos:

    But I have a very large overhaul planned for the coming month. I'll be replacing all of the gravel substrate with a black and white sand mix, and completely re-doing the aquascape. I can't wait to see how it turns out and I'll definitely post pictures. In the coming months after that I'm planning on installing a CO2 system and going up to high lighting and high tech.

    Post pictures of yours? Love looking at other people's tanks.
  6. Cowfish928 Member Member

    Woah. Your tank looks so nice. I absolutely LOVE IT! I love the design. Bhuij I love the colors especially!
  7. Cowfish928 Member Member


    Here is a picture of my 55. :) it is a work in progress.

  8. Bhuij Member Member

    Haha I think the best aquariums are always works in progress! I'm happy with how mine looks. The Amazon Sword has grown a ton since I last photographed it even. Yours is looking great as well! I like your backdrop a lot. What plans do you have?
  9. Cowfish928 Member Member

    Thanks! For the backdrop, I just crumpled up some foil, and spray painted it. :D and I plan to make this aquarium loaded with different plants. Hopefully a nice carpet, I saw you were trying to carpet Monte Carlo, how did that go? And also I use Seachem Flourite as my substrate. I have some Java Fern. I have a Blood Parrot cichlid, Leopard Ctenopoma, African Butterflyfish and an Albino Senegal Bichir. Also I plan on getting some Co2. I use excel and flourish. Bhuij
  10. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    I used crumpled florist foil for my background :)

  11. Cowfish928 Member Member

    That's awesome! May I see it!? Kwig
  12. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Absolutely. Lights were already out but I'll get some pictures later today as I've not taken any yet of this tank. Cowfish928
  13. Bhuij Member Member

    Monte Carlo is still a work in progress. Most people said it couldn't be done without CO2 injection. I'm just using Excel right now, and although growth is very slow, it's definitely happening and the plants are healthy. I'm planning on spending a little more time planting small patches carefully around the places I want to carpet when I overhaul the tank in a week or two. Shortly thereafter I'll actually get injected CO2, more light, and stop dosing Excel, so I'm thinking the growth should pick up at that point.
  14. Kwig Well Known Member Member



    Because mine is dark it's surprisingly hard to photograph but I wanted it only slightly textured and love the result.
  15. Cowfish928 Member Member

    Kwig woah. Your tank is full of life. I love the design. And all the fish. The foil adds the perfect finish !
  16. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! I definitely put a lot of work into this tank but things are settling in well. I still have some ideas for it but want to let the plants settle in better first. And I love how busy the fish are, especially when they think they're going to be fed, haha.

    BTW, I'm thinking you need like 20 more plants
    ;) Wisteria can get very full very fast, it's also a very lovely light green and will get tall too. The hardship with tall tanks is when the upper third of the tank seems bare. Creating hills and valleys with your substrate and getting tall decor and plants help ease this. I have a huge collection of different kinds of Vals on the left and some floating water sprite, as well as a branch of manzanita coming down into the tank from the top to help fill dead space.
  17. Bhuij Member Member

    Fantastic looking tank! Almost makes me want to go with all light sand instead of a mixture of black and white when I re-do my scape.

    Edit: BTW what are those blueish fish?
  18. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Mine is a mix. Just a little more of the pool filter sand. The blue ones are turquoise rainbows :)
    And thanks!
  19. Cowfish928 Member Member


    55 gallon update, got new fish, and some new plants. :)
  20. cheese Member Member

    and new sand! looks great :)

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