my 55 gallon !!!

Here are some pics of my new 55 gallon tank.
If anyone has any ideas or comments please let me know am open to anything.
8) My boyfriend has decided to add wood trimming to my tank.. wahooooooo!!! We couldn't afford the real thing so this is the next best thing plus I get the exact color trI'm that I want. Will update pics as I can.

Am adding a pic of my angel and its (don't know sex yet) friends.

Happy "fishing" to all ;D

Skippi, what a beautiful tank Happy for you

I also noticed it's standing on a table? Or is that a tank stand? If it's a table, I have to warn you it may not be designed to hold so many gallons of water. Even a small 10G tank is very heavy. A tank that has 55 gallons in volume weighs approximately 460 lbs! That's because 1 US Gallon = 8.346 lbs; so 55 x 8.346 = 459.03 lbs to be exact. I would be afraid to put a 55G tank on a regular table. You should call the table's manufacturer and ask what the max weight it can hold is. If it's less than 460 lbs, don't risk having it on the table. The table may easily break, and then ... you can only imagine what terrible things could happen.
Isabella, you got that right. MY tank alone weighs about 350lbs, there is 200lbs of gravel, and approx. 210gal of water, which gives you about 2300lbs. (1 ton). Boy was I shocked. The tank is in my family room and beneath the floor is a concrete slab, no worries!!!
For now it is on a table. To test it we (my boyfrind and I) jumped on the table. He also reinforce the table from underneath until we can build a regular stand for it. It is doing ok and don't plan to have it there for long.
You do know that tanks have to be completely empty before moving?

I think to estimate the weight of your tank you should multiply the gallons by 10 for smaller tanks or maybe 12 for larger tanks due to the heaviness of the actual tank--the water weighs 8 lbs per gallon but there's also 1-2 lbs of rock per gal plus the tank itself and equipment...
I will keep all of that in mind. and no I'm not making my kids move it that was just a joke. I am planning on moving it when we get a stand built. Which is in planning process right now. The table is a low coffee table so isn't too far from the ground and has a lot of reinforcement to it. It isn't going anywhere. I will keep updating as things progress.. Thanks for all your concern...
RoboDude, LOL! I know, right? Anyway, Skippi, I have also heard that tanks have to be completely empty before moving them. But you already have fish and decor in your tank, so it will probably be impossible for you to remove literally everything from the tank. I had to move my 30G too a while ago. I also couldn't remove everything from it. Here is what I did Skippi: I put all the water from the tank into buckets (I had enough buckets to hold 30 gallons of water) - the reason I saved all that water is because I didn't want my fish to get a pH shock from totally new water. The tank was left with barely enough water to cover the gravel - since I could not remove the gravel. I removed all decor from the tank and left all the gravel inside. At that time I didn't have any decor that was hard to remove or strongly attached to my tank's bottom. If you have the same, it should be no problem. I put the fish into a bucket too and kept my filter running on that bucket - so that all the bacteria were saved. It was summer and the temperature outside was very good for my fish, so I didn't have to worry that my fish in the bucket will get a chill. They stayed there until I transferred my tank, put all the decor back in, and put all the water back in. Then I simply transferred the fish - they experienced no pH or temperature shock. The tank, with only the gravel inside, and with so little water, wasn't hard to move at all. I and my dad grabbed the tank from the bottom (never lift the tank by its upper trim, NEVER!) and carried it to another place. it worked for me, so maybe it'll work for you too.
thanks Isabella. That is exactly what I planned on doing. My EX brother in law, had a 100 gallon that had cichlids in it and we had to move that a couple of times. So I am not too worried about the moving of the tank. I will always worry a bit just cause how could you not, but I know what to do so I think we will be okay. The tank itself is actually not that heavy so we are good to go. Like I said I will let you all know how it goes when moving day comes to town..

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