My 55 Gallon Aquarium


I've been on the forum, asking questions and seeking advice for well over a year. I've changed my stocking plan countless times, and I've made the mistake of thinking my aquarium was complete way before it ever was. But, now it's finally complete (at least until I eventually upgrade), so I wanted to create a thread to show off this long work in progress.

1 Blood Parrot
7 Eastern Rainbowfish
7 Congo Tetras
8 Emerald Green Cories
3 Nerite Snails

I'm considering removing the lame "cave" and adding more driftwood, or learning how to create a better cave. I'm not ready to try live plants yet. Any critiques or suggestions are welcome.


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I think it looks great! Glad you were able to get some pics up as your previous threads didn't have many lol.


Looks pretty good to me!


Thanks! I didn't mean to add the same photo several times though!


Looks great! If you can do such a great job aquascaping with fake plants you could do some great stuff with real ones when your ready. Don't let live plants intimidate you! They're really not terribly difficult to keep, and seeing the growth and progress is equally as rewarding as seeing your fish thrive!


Keep up your good efforts! It's a great looking tank, and it reminds me of one I saw online for purchase.

What is your current stock? I'd love to hear more about your tank, and what you've done with it!

Edit: Oops, I didn't see that you already have a stock. Whoopsie! Anyway, it's a great tank and I love it's character. How long has it been up?


Thanks for the feedback, all! I started the tank in very late March/very early April of last year, but in it's current state, it hasn't been up more than a couple of months, if that.


Any thoughts on switching the cave out for more driftwood, or trying to build a bigger and better cave?

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