My 55-gal Tank pic


Seeing all the great tanks you guys have, want to either set up another tank or change this one around...

This is a list currently in the tank. When the Gouramis get to adult size, the tetras and some others will be moved to another tank...

(4) Clear Cats
(4) Clown loaches, 2 adults, 2 babies
(1) Live bearer/swordfish
(1) Blue Gourami
(1) Gold Gourami
(2) Kissing Gourmis, yes I have watched them make-out..
(2) Paradise
(3) Red Eyed Tetras
(2) Redtailed Sharks
(3) Black skirted Tetras
(1) Bleedingheart Tetra
(2) Algae Eaters, 1 adult, 1 baby
(1) Black Mollie
(1) Silver Hatchet


I just want to point one thing out to watch for. If it never becomes a problem (and it might not due to the size of the tank), great.
Algae Eaters (I presume you are talking about the ones that many pet shops sell as Chinese Algae Eaters) become belligerent as fully grown adults (and don't eat as much algae). They apparently like to cling to the sides of fish that have flat sides (like gourami). This can harm their scales, and could seriously injure the hatchetfish if the AE decided to latch on.
Like I said, this may never become an issue, but you should pay attention for it, as many people have seen it happen with their Algae Eaters.
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Def watch out for that, Thanks.


By the way, I meant to say you have a beautiful tank. I love the wood and the larger pebbles.

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