my 40 gallon tank

  1. whatsafish7 Member Member

    my new 40 gallon long tank

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  2. atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    YES greg you did it now you will have to come over my house and take pics of my tanks lol after i clean up the ick mess

  3. chris02_84 Member Member

    how much did it cost....and what is the average cost for a 55 gallon tank and stand?
  4. Jon Well Known Member Member

    i know your question was not addressed at me but a 55 gallon tank itself is not very expensive. usually around 80-100$. The stand will run you a similar but slightly higher amount and then you have to think about filters lights heaters etc.

  5. atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    it cost him 75$ for tank stand powerheads and other sw stuff that he didnt need so the guy kept it its a 40 long 55 gallons tank stand and hood usually run for a couple hundred dollars around here
  6. Jon Well Known Member Member

    wow what a deal...

    55 tanks near me cost around 80 bucks and the stands around 120... the hoods on 55's that ive seen arent overly expensive...
  7. chris02_84 Member Member

    that's a lot cheaper than the ones where i live but then again there is only one REAL pet store and it's really small the other place is walmart which isn't too bad priced and the tanks are pretty good too, i'm trying to talk my wife into letting me get one, but since i'm always getting deployed she has to take care of them. so we'll see, hopefully in the near future i'll be able to afford one

  8. Jon Well Known Member Member

    if your trying to cut costs you could build it yourself

    you need-
    Silicone-100% pesticide/ algaecide/ fungicide free aquarium silicone II
    Paper Towels
    Emery cloth
    Single Sided Razors
    Duct Tape
    Felt Tipped Marker
    Possible support braces for larger aquariums. 30G+

    Check out for specifics on building

    im going to try to build a small tank soon... seems relatively simple and a lot of fun.
  9. whatsafish7 Member Member

    even though my tank was 75$ with stand and powerheads it is still going to cost a lot of money. I am spending $285 overall for everthing the lids, plants, decorations, etc... so if you want to start a new tank make sure to save up
  10. atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    still not bad as i spent almost 200 if not more when i got my grandpas tank and i didnt have to get a tank stand but i had to replace filter hood gravel all decorations more food man that was a killer in my walet :'(

  11. whatsafish7 Member Member

    ya same here :'( :-X fish are wonderful creaturs but wow they sure are expensive
  12. heartbeat Initiate Member

    nice tank,,... show us a picture when ur done puting in the fishies
  13. whatsafish7 Member Member

    i will. by moday the tank should be set up completely and then i will post another picture of it
  14. atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    come on greg can anybody help greg he says that the pictures are to big
  15. whatsafish7 Member Member

    i want to know what i do if they are too big because i want to put my completed tank up