my 4 inch gold groumi going after rams and other fish


my 4 inch gold grouI'm is chasing after my blue rams and my other boliva ram along with all 4 of my white skirts why does he do this for they all are in a 55 gallon tank


I had a pair of golden gourami in my 75 gallon tank and the female was a nightmare. She chased everthing in the tank and was very aggressive to include pulling out plants. It got to the point that I had to bring both of them of the fish store and trade them in. don't know why they act like that sometimes.


yeah gouramis r strange, some r peaceful and some r this kissing gourami, they r really annoying too...............


Golden gouramis are fish from **** toward other gouramis and smaller fish in the tank. It wouldn't matter how big the tank was, they'd still terrorize any fish they could. He probably needs to go.


I had two paris of the blue gourami's. the first set were really bullies. the male was really bad, but when I put my crayfish in, his attitude stopped alot.

The next pair I had were ok, totally different, but again they passed awaw. not had much luck with gourami's really.

I have a pair of honey dwarf gourami's. these hid for the first two months, almost none stop, but now are a lovely part of the tank, and not aggressive at all.

Infact, the msot aggressive animla I have is the Angel fish (only one though). we bought it as it was picked on in its tank. now it bullies everything else except the other large angel fish. odd indeed.

I truly believe they all have their own slight personality.


If you are really set on a gourami for your tank, the pearl gourami is supposed to be much more easy going.


I have had good and bad luck with gouramis, both the golden and dwarf. Curently I have nice ones, don't chase anything. I have had them that did some chasing when they were first introduced into the tank, then calmed down. I would say it depends on how your rams react. They will stress out, and you might just loose them if it goes on for several days. :'(

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