My 4 footer tank, 22kg of rock


Here is a picture of my new tank
Its a bad picture but I will try and get some more


nice! what kind of lighting do you have?


I shrunk it for you, hope you don't mind so it's easier to view.

Very nice, are you going to add any corals or anything. I like it a lot, is that another Saltwater tank to the left

Might I suggest a background, a cheap one is black garbage bags.


wow its really nice..cant wait to see fish in it! ;D
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There is some coral in there, at the tip of the heater.
I picked some live rock up form a fish store and scored some coral inside of the rock
So I got 2 nice bits of coral. Ill take some pictures of it.
My phone cam makes the tank look ****.

The lighting is just a 2foot globe atm, I will get a 4foot light in the coming fortnight,
My problem is I like the blue lights, I was considering a twin globe, 1 white 1 blue globe?
is this a problem at all?

I put 2 clown fish intoday and a box fish.
Preety happy with it so far, I'm just taking it easy as it cost so much for fish.

Yep its a another tank next to it, I posted a picture of it a few posts after this one.
Its a 30lt tank


blue lights? like actinic? they are the best bulbs.

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