My 3 year olds stocking idea...


Now bear with me she is three and wants what she wants... LOL!!

So she has a ten gallon and wants the following creatures in her tank...

and a couple of guppies...

My thoughts are with all the bottom dwellers that we will have some sort of carnage on our hands. But just to be 100% sure I thought I would run her stock list by you all to see what you all think...

Thanks for amusing me.


Don't crabs need to come out of the water though? I don't know much about the frogs or crabs, but I don't see anything wrong with it. You can also get aquariums that are half aquarium, half terrarium, so you could keep fish and land critters. (As long as they're compatible that is.) If you want to have live plants in your tank I wouldn't recommend the snails though, since they'll eat them.


Well I do not know a lot about it but I think the Crab would make short order of the other denizens of the tank.   ;D



Yes I believe the other inhabitants will turn out to be the Crab's lunch.
Some shrimp, frogs, a snail and Guppies would be good. Note that I say A snail...if you get more than one you will soon be overrun with them. If you get a Mystery snail the plants will be fine, but Ramshorns (the only other type you see in pet stores) will turn them into lunch. Also make sure the frogs are those african dwarf frogs, not any semi-aquatic ones like fire bellies because those are poisonous and will eat the fish. Oh and one more thing...Guppies need to be kept in trios of 1 male and 2 or more females to make sure one female is not always being chased by the male. Or, you could just get all males or all females.
Sorry if I've been telling you things you already know, just want to make sure you have all the info you need.
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Thanks for the feedback!!!

We went to the LPS today and spent a ton of money... My wife has a red slider that has been with her for 16 years and we felt it was time to upgrade his accommodation's. So now he has a nice 40 gallon "turtle tank" that is filled with about 20 gallons of wide surface area swimming water, a floating dock, and a nice Aqua Clear 70 making the water clean... He also got a new heat lamp set-up that he really seems to appreciate.. ;D

So that covered my wife... Now my 3 year old wanted a couple new fish.. So we got her a Cobra Guppy and a sword tail to add to her sunrise Guppy (all males). Then we found out that the Ghost shrimp were a dollar for four so we got a few of those as well... Hopefully adding them all at once will not pose a problem for her tank. I am thinking a snail would be a good addition later on once algae starts to get a good foot hold so there is a nice supply of food for it. She is all smiles and my wife is very happy as well... ;D

Very happy to hear about the frog... She really wants a frog... The crab I will talk her out of.. ;D

Thanks a ton!!


African dwarf frogs are too cool, and I love mine. They're really peaceful, but they ate my 6 ghost shrimp. I hear that some ADF's will do this and others won't, so it's kind of a **** shoot. I also have three, so maybe they ganged up on the shrimp or something. You may have more luck with having just one ADF and several shrimp. If not, the shrimp are cheap. My son LOVES mine. I had to get him a frog after we found a frog in the parking lot and had to return him the the pond bank. He is also 3 years old, and just stood there crying and saying "bye-bye froggie!" over and over and over again. So that was the beginning of my ADF experience.

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