My 27gal Community Tank - Still A Work In Progress

What should I do with the tatty plant?

  • Throw it

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  • Cut it off 2/3 and submerge it in a pot?

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  • Leave it alone

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Love my new'ish community tank... the 4" female Rainbow Shark and 3 1/2" male Bristlenose are hiding under driftwood at the moment, their tank mates are 6 x Zebra Danios 6 x Juvenile Angelfish. Have just attached a new led light and they're adjusting (dimmed down a bit as they fled the surface area when I first turned it on ). The tatty upright plant (no idea what it is) should be in a pot or substrate and really suffered under my old light. The Fine Leaf Java, Java Moss and some Phoenix Moss have only been in there for less than 2 weeks on driftwood so aren't established yet. P.S. 4 of the 6 juvenile Angelfish are in there temporarily until I sort more tanks out.
Info: 27gal 25°C PH 6.6 and 0:0:0 consistently, weekly 25% water change and vac. Will be starting off with a half dose of Seachem Flourish Comprehensive from this weekend
P.s. waiting on new powerhead to arrive to replace the bubbler, then the barrel ornament and the horrid airlines will be getting the heev ho

Tony M

Looking good Tassie!

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