My 24 Gallon Reef

  1. Joey Bekius

    Joey Bekius Valued Member Member

    This is my 24 gallon reef, it isnt doing that great right now but i thought i would start a build thread anyway: the tank is a jbj nanocube 24 gal. And has been running for about 10 months. My current stocking is:
    1 extreme misbar black clown (bubbles)
    1 royal gramma (gramma)
    And 1 tailspot blenny (benny)
    In the future i plan on getting a davinci clown and a pair of greenbanded gobies. For coral i have:
    1 acan
    1 hammer
    Eagle eye zoas
    Mohican sun zoas
    Mohawk zoas
    And some other zoas that i dont know the name of. I will get some pictures later

    Oh yeah and for filtration i have filter sponges in the first aio compartment, chaeto and marine pure in the second, and heater and return in the third. And i also have bio balls spread out across all three compartments.
  2. stella1979

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    Sounds great. :) Don't be shy now... we all go through stages where the tanks aren't at their best.;) I've been a little lazy on a tank or two lately, but this crowd is pretty forgiving, so it's nice to share the struggles and the successes. Can't wait to see your tank! I think you have the same model as @Culprit 's new salty setup. :)
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    Joey Bekius

    Joey Bekius Valued Member Member

    Nice fluffy acan