My 20Gal Setup

  1. Ursinos Member Member

    My current setup, currently with 3 green cobra guppies, and 3 yellow Flamingo guppies. Still trying to decide what might join them eventually. Kinda want something a bit more interesting than a guppy, but still stay with an easy fish.




    I think I have some algae growing on the skull already, not sure the type, but looks like I might need to cut back on how long the lights are on.


    Just added the Anubias Barteri this week. Hoping it helps with the nitrate levels :D
  2. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    You can have scarlet badis.
  3. Ursinos Member Member

    I will have to look into them :)
  4. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    Maybe 2-3 peacock gudgeons?
  5. Ursinos Member Member

    Tank might be a little warm for those little guys. I'm seeing that they prefer water below 26C, and right now my tank seems to average at 26C. (I seriously need to get a chiller I think)
  6. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    I think they'd be fine up to 80 F, so 26 C would be ok, just so the tank didn't get too much warmer.
  7. Ursinos Member Member

    before we turned our AC on, it could fluctuate quite a bit depending on the temp outside. I recorded it at almost 30C the one day (that's when we turned the AC on lol)

    Now it's hovering mostly around the 26-28C range, but mostly staying at 26
  8. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    Gotcha - better to try and keep that temp fairly consistent. Do you have a heater in there? I would think a 100W would keep things consistent.
  9. Ursinos Member Member

    I actually have a 150W in there because it was the best option available when I was getting the gear purchased. The other options wouldn't have worked for a 20gallon. It's one of the eheim jagers.

    I probably should go in and set it to a more consistant temperature. I set it up for 26C when I got the aquarium put together, and it hadn't occured to me to dial it UP instead of down.
  10. Ursinos Member Member

    added a new rock, which I transfered one of the anubias plants to so they weren't arguing over light. Also added a marimo moss ball, and some taiwan moss.


    and I'm not sure what possessed me to glue moss to the skull, but now I'm tempted to start calling it "Donald" lol