my 2 DIY... but how long??? Help

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    Betafish305ca Valued Member Member


    Hey, so I recently did 2 DIYs.... but I'm unsure of how long they should take?I should explain what they are...

    1/ Hard boil an egg, then peel off the shell - to add calcium to my tank for my snails and their shells. I've done that and broke the pieces into small bits, and put them in my quaratine floating tank...... But how long do they take to dissolve??

    2/ I got a coconut, and popped it open, and pelled out the insides, and boiled it probably 20 times already... and they water still gets brown when i leave them boiling for longer then 10 minutes.... is that right? How do I know they are safe??

  2. iloveengl

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    I'm not at all certain about the coconut, but I know eggs. :) I put 3-4 egg shells in an aquarium safe net bag at the back of my tank about three or four months ago. They're about half dissolved.

    I have hard, alkaline water, so I imagine very acidic water would dissolve the egg shells more quickly. (Hence, snails need hard water so the acidic water doesn't dissolve their shell.) :)