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  1. BennyB Valued Member Member

    Day 2,

    Yesterday I hooked up the tank and set the cycled filter to work on cycling the new Penn Plax Cascade 500 filter. Overnight there was a spike and after a water change I moved my amanos and rcs over. They’re quite active today, swimming up and down and playing in the current. No problems so far.

    Once fully cycled the plan is to add six pygmy cories (or any other comparable, small cory), six fancy guppies and a dwarf gourami.

    Will update this thread as I add things.

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  2. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    In my experience, even with cycled media it is best to let the tank mature for about a month before introducing shrimp (I always add snails at the start to keep the tank cycled). This allows for the parameters to stabilize and also for enough biofilm to develop to keep the shrimp fed and happy.

    I like the way you have the rocks stacked, once they get a nice coat of algae I think it will look really good. Give those plants some good root tabs to keep them going strong (Seachem's root tabs do not contain essential macro nutrients), don't want them to starve!

  3. BennyB Valued Member Member

    The filter is cycled. My options were move the shrimp over with it or leave them in a filterless 5g. I added some Tetra SafeStart as well. For the plants I add Flourish.

    On an unrelated note, does anybody know why my pictures aren't uploading correctly? They all say I don't have permission to view them.

  4. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    You may want to start dosing something besides Flourish. Plants use mostly Potassium, Nitrogen, and Carbon; Flourish contains none of these (or if it does it's in extremely minute quantities).

    Not sure why the pics won't work, I can't view them either.
  5. BennyB Valued Member Member

    I got them working. Resized them all too so they're not gigantic. This site's image attachments never seem to work right.

    Unfortunately my budget has run dry, so extra plant supplements will have to wait. Also is there a reason I would want to let algae build up on my pretty rocks? I scrub away algae so it looks nice.
  6. Morpheus1967 Well Known Member Member

    Just keep in mind that even though you put the old filter on there, the tank is only going to cycle to the extent of the bio-load that is in there. So you are going to cycle the tank to handle the bio-load of only a few shrimp. Which I can't imagine is a whole lot.

    Also, the stacking of those rocks scares me. One little jostle and it could all come crashing down, cracking the bottom of your tank. Something to keep an eye out for.
  7. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Understandable on the budget part.

    Algae and biofilm is the primary part of a shrimp's diet, so allowing some of it to accumulate isn't a bad thing. Not only that, but it gives the tank an appearance of age and maturity, like the rocks have "always" been there and were not artificially arranged.
  8. BennyB Valued Member Member

    I can appreciate the concern about the precarious looking stack of rocks, I engineered the base to be a cave and hold up the pieces on top. We tested it pretty thoroughly too, its well braced and balanced. Assuming nobody does any sumo wrestling in my living room or sucker kicks the table it should be safe.

    As for the cycling, that's about what I suspected. I've been adding food to help increase ammonia and the plan is to throw a few more shrimp in there so they'll start breeding before I add any fish in. But, I can go through with adding the pygmy cories after the shrimp sooner if you think that'll work out.
    Fair points. Perhaps I can pick up some root tabs if they're not too pricey next time I hit the LFS up for those shrimp. Should I quit using Flourish if I get root tabs?

    You mentioned something about snails too. I have some trash snails that came on the plants slinking around in there, I intended to let them go nuts then get two assassin snails to clean it up. That should help.
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  11. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Flourish is a trace fertilizer that doesn't provide macros. Your wisteria and especially hornwort (hornwort is a primitive floating plant that does not grow roots) will feed primarily from the water column so I suggest getting a more comprehensive fertilizer to replace it.
  12. BennyB Valued Member Member

    I did get the root tabs and put them in. I'll have to wait a while to get another liquid fertilizer. Do you have any suggestions?

    Also random question about the root tabs. Do they add nitrates to the water?