My 125g Planted Tank Build

  1. McGoo Member Member

    Ok, so I've been waiting forever to add my driftwood to my tank which I started water logging in the spring. I finally decided to add it this evening. I would just like to get some input from everyone to see what their thoughts are on positioning and layout and whatnot. I'm adding a before and after. I as well added some java fern to the drift wood, and some cabomba in there tonight as well. Let me know what you think, give me some suggestions. Thanks all

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  2. Caitlin86 Well Known Member Member

    Looks perfect!!!
  3. sweendog87 Member Member

    Looks fantastic what's plants did u add and what stone have you got
  4. sweendog87 Member Member

    What's the plant on the right in front of rocks and In pretty sure that's a sword on the left looks great can't wait ti set up my 125 gonna be my first planted tank
  5. McGoo Member Member

    The plant I believe you're talking about in front of the rocks, that's to the right of the big one is a crypt. Hopefully when you're ready to get your 125g, you'll be lucky enough to come across a great deal like the one I got for mine. I just couldn't pass it up!
  6. McGoo Member Member

    The plants I have front left to right are:
    African water fern, some aquatic moss on the driftwood on to along with 2 anubias, back down below are what I believe is cryptocoryn wendtii and some Cabomba, under the big piece of driftwood are some dwarf sword plants (the mother plant and some of its babies), as well as some dwarf hair grass, on the large driftwood is the new java fern, background has the oszillot sword (spelling), then some assorted vallisneria, moneywort, in front of that near the smaller pieces of driftwood is a sword that pretty well lost everything but grew back like a champ, some more anubias attached to the driftwood, and a large sword in the far back right. All the small plants scattered in the foreground are 12 grow carpeting plants that I'm not to sure what they are, but they're kinda similar to dwarf baby tears. There is also a few Marimo moss balls in there
  7. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    Nice tank
  8. McGoo Member Member

    The stones are local, we have a lot of farm around my area. I found a giant pile from where the farmer had cleared some land, I just picked rocks that were similar in colour to match my substrate. As for the type of stones they are, I'm not a hundred percent sure. I just scrubbed them really good under hot water with a wire brush and added them. No ph swing, no nothing. Been in there since the spring, and I picked up the large driftwood from the same pile. It actually still had some ice and snow on it.