My 10yr old Black Orange Species Hollandi Piranha is floating on its side?? Help 

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I have a 30 gal. Tank with one piranha in it. We just moved and I moved him from place to place like I have always done when I do water changes and now he is floating on his side but still breathing slowly and fins moving ever so slightly. He is 10 years old now and has been fine the past couple of months. All of the sudden after I put him back in the tank after moving he started to float on his side. I have run all the test kits on the aquarium and all the levels are in the safe zone. When I touch him he feels a bit slimy, but no spots on his fins to say ich. I do not know what to do as it is late and all the pet stores are closed. Please help. He is 6 in big just been fed earlier today and was fine. He is fed one fish a day and the fish that he are fed are not sick or contaminated. I don't know what to do and hope he is not dying I have grown really attached please help me out as soon as possible. The tank has a bological filter no live plants or rocks and the filter is changed normally. The tank is kept clean as much as it is supposed to the water has been tested everything is good and I just do not know what to do or what is going on please help.


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sorry its under these circumstances
you say your levels are in "safe " range, I'm wondering exactly what they are? you want 0 for ammonia/nitrites and under 20 nitrates (over 20 and water changes are needed) what test kit are you using? it could just be a shock of the move, but without knowing exactly what the water parimeters are, its hard to rule that out ...
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