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Emm again

This morning when I checked on my fish I saw that one of the zebra danios was growing what looked kind of like a mustache around his/her mouth. It was like skinny little hairs. I immediatly thought that he/she had sqwallowed on of the tiny floating plants that are in the tank ((which he/she has done twice before)) but now I'm starting to think its a fish disease.... then I noticed that one of the other zebras looked like he/she was starting a mustache..... what should I do????

well, off to google fish diseases......


It could be mouth fungus. But to make sure, refer to these charts for symptoms and diseases as well as treatment:

- gives good description of symptoms
- gives the names of specific medications for particular diseases
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thanks isabella!

the weird thing is tho... when I checked back later the mustache stuff was gone... maybe they were just eating plants agian


emm that's absolutely possible(about the plants). I have to break the shrimp pellets I put in for the loaches because the danios will catch them and carry them around their mouth. So they could have picked up just anything. Now as a precaution keep an eye on them to be sure.

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