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Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by tress29, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. tress29Valued MemberMember

    We've got 2 different 5.5g tanks, and a 3g. I'm planning to redo one of the 5.5s to gift it to a family member. I was going to leave my dwarf puffer in the 5.5g and find a home for my last sparkling gourami. Well, my puffer disappeared for most of 2 days, and showed up last night looking close to death. If she dies, I think I'd rather get another dwarf frog. My question is this: Would I be better off with the adf in the 3g by himself, or could he move into the 5.5g with the sparkling gourami and the last two ghost shrimp? There is a solo celestial pearl danio in the 3g right now...
  2. JoannaBWell Known MemberMember

    Hmm, I may be wrong, but I think ghost shrimp are actually potentially aggressive, and might harm an ADF. Anyway I have heard that because ADF often have trouble finding their food in time, and thus if they have any tank mates those tank mates are likely to eat the frog's food, and thus usually it is not recommended to keep ADF with others, except with other ADF that is. However, I may be wrong on this since I only read about it, I hope someone with ADF experience will give you additional advice. Best!
  3. tress29Valued MemberMember

    Definitely something to keep in mind. I can probably put them in my son's 10g molly tank. He only has one ghost left (and only three fish!)
  4. frogbreederWell Known MemberMember

    Hi tress, Joanna is absolutely correct - it is generally recommended that ADFs be kept in a single-species aquarium, for several different reasons. When kept with fish, ADFs often go hungry, while the fish get fat. And, I agree that ghost-shrimp can be aggressive and are not suitable companions for ADFs. I'm unsure whether or not such tales are true, but I've actually heard of ghost-shrimp tearing the limbs from ADFs and eating them - something I definitely wouldn't want to chance. I'd say keep the ADF in the 3 gallon by itself, if possible. We love to see some photos of your little one, if you have any to post. ADFs are just so adorable. All the best. - frogbreeder
  5. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    There are several different species of shrimp sold as Ghost Shrimp. Some of them do get extremely large and aggressive. One these could potentially kill a frog.
  6. Landozer18Well Known MemberMember

    I agree with all above mentioned.
    p.s. ghost shrimp are very fast.

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