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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by butterflylanding, May 29, 2018.

  1. butterflylanding

    butterflylandingNew MemberMember

    I’m wondering if anyone has noticed the same thing
    I bought a Betta at a big box store in sorry shape. Fin rot and I’m sure ammonia poisoning as I tested the cup’s water at 2ppm
    I set him up in a 2 gallon hospital tank by my bed for treatment.
    I listen to isotonic sound music at 512hz for insomnia. My Betta, Spartacus, obviously listened too. I found he moved towards my iPhone when I turned on the sound and hung out there all night. I also found that on the nights I didn’t need my sound tones and therefore didn’t play them, he just sat at the bottom of the tank in his usual stupor all night and was listless (as he was when I bought him)
    If I laid my phone on my night table he would swim towards it whether it was on or not. So, I started leaving my sound bar next to him all day. He loves it. (I’m only playing 512hz meditation music on low). He is active, makes a killer bubble nest, etc.
    I placed my sound bar, with same tones near my African dwarf frog tank and the same reaction. They love it. Are drawn to it not propelled away by it. Did the same on my tetra tank. Not much noticeable difference in their behavior.
    I now leave it on during the day when I’m out or at work.
    Spartacus is healing well and I think the meditative , healing tones may have played a role in that process.
    Anyone experiment with this or similar?
  2. ValerieAdams

    ValerieAdamsWell Known MemberMember

    That's really interesting! I'm interested in what others have to say
  3. NLindsey921

    NLindsey921Well Known MemberMember

    I listen to loud music and my fish seem to gravitate away from it when I have it on.

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