Mushrooms Growing on Driftwood

Discussion in 'Driftwood' started by Rhianna Brown, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Rhianna BrownNew MemberMember

    I have had this tank for years.
    The water level dropped a bit and part of the drift wood is exposed above the water.
    There are 1 inch mushrooms growing out of the driftwood (not underwater)
    White with s peach coloured top.
    TraditionAl mushroom shape. I'm gonna add pic once I figure out how.

    I looked up how to add pic using iPhone but I see no mountain icon. .
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  2. fallonrheaValued MemberMember

    To the left of where you type your text there should be a plus sign. That's how my phone works atleast.

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  3. JsigmoWell Known MemberMember

    It's amazing how quickly mushrooms grow, isn't it?

    Years ago, I did a temperature monitoring system for a commercial mushroom farm. They showed me how it all works.

    There is quite a process to prepare the right medium for growth (horse manure is the preferred stuff). But once the media is ready, and inoculated, the mushrooms grow overnight and are ready for harvesting!

    An expression I learned back in 1975 from the movie "Blazing Saddles" to describe a large number of dimes, is appropriate for the number of 'shrooms that appear, as if by magic, in just one night. It really is astonishing to see a crop go from nothing to ready to box up so rapidly!
  4. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

  5. ricmccWell Known MemberMember

    Mushrooms are saprophytes, living off of dead organic matter, driftwood in your case. Although fungi, they are not of the sort that on occasion attack fish. While many excrete toxins, and many experts have extreme difficulty telling safe from toxic ones when collecting wild mushrooms to eat, as they lack much of a root system, you should be safe thoroughly scraping them from your driftwood and submerging it again.
    Or you could just leave them there, as I imagine that they look sort of neat:).
    Best of luck, rick
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  6. PlecomakerWell Known MemberMember

    Yep i think thatsjust phones.
  7. tejasValued MemberMember

    I had the same problem, download the Fishlore app if nt downloaded n proceed from dere

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