Murphy's Law!!!!!!!!!!!! And now for sleep-maybe?

  1. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    The last 36 hours have been Murphy's Law as in anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. :(
    I decided to do a water change yesterday as my hubby was gone for a while and I knew we would be with family today.
    So, I started the change and decided to rinse the media in my phosphate reactor. I finished and thought that I had everything hooked up correctly and flip the switches.
    BOOM! Water is pouring our of every connection! So I try to reach it without a shutdown and proceed to knock the intake out of the DT and it has water shooting everywhere.
    About that time my husband comes home so the dogs are excited and one runs over the bucket-proceeds to dump the salt water.
    Next, I am at one end of the tank and the sump pump is at the other-my hubby's phone rings at that exact moment and he answers it.
    So. dogs are barking, the water is running everywhere and I scream I need help! He is trying to remain calm and set up plans with my son for the 4th but I am going ape crazy!
    He tells my son he has to go and will call him right back-meanwhile he has no idea which line is the sump-finally I yell to just flip the breaker on the powercord-turns everything off-that is everything that is on the line with the sump.
    I do not have the drainage hooked up to that particular one-it is on my side of the tank. I forget this in my panic to get towels. Then, I hear the RO/DI container that is on the other side of the room running-water is now everywhere on that side of the room.
    Next, the new cat is now meowing which gets the dogs barking again, I am yelling, Rich is yelling at the dogs and it is a good thing we live in a suburb in a small town, or I am quite sure the police would have been called!

    Of course, the perimeters in my tank are all wrong due to extreme water change and the new water had not circulated in the trash can but a few minutes (btw, that did not overflow at that time but it did later as I got busy).

    I did manage to add zip ties to all the connections on the phosphate reactor (it has Dr. Tims media and had gummed up so that was why I was rinsing it)
    Anyway, we got home tonight and something wasn't right. I came down stairs and left my hubby just going to sleep with the comment if I needed help to yell-haha!
    Well, the flow was off-not turned off but something was wrong. So, I started looking at things and the sump was almost dry while the tank was, you guessed it, ready and did overflow. Turns out the emerald crab that was in the refugium had climbed into the drain line and was stuck-oh he is alive btw!
    Thank goodness that we did towels before we left today. I needed them again tonight (well I guess technically not tonight at all but the next day). :)

    I keep telling myself this evening that I love my tank, but tonight and last night were really...trying... to say the least.
    I just hope the corals and sponges survive-looks like the fish are okay because I got really hardy ones. I have not even checked the shrimp or my goby.

    I think I will hit the hay and I have stayed up long enough to ensure that everything salty (knock on wood) is fine-at least for now!:;smack
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Oh my goodness what a time you've had, that Murphy's a kicker isn't he?
    Hope the crab & your tank are ok & suffered no ill effects.
    I gave up on my salty keeping as I couldn't take the stress, my purse is happier now too ;)

  3. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Coradee, the tank is fine this morning and the crabby is hanging out in the refugium!
  4. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    OMG putput, do I have to come over there!?!? SLOW DOWN and these problems will stop. I know your system well at this point and it's complicated like mine so take your time with it. slow down my friend :). I'm glad to hear everyone seems fine and please post if further problems occur. ttyl

  5. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

  6. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Phew! Glad to hear everything's ok :)
  7. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    OMG now I cant even find you-off to a new thread!?!? Do-not-rush to put things back the way they were and if there are going to be losses than so be it. Take your time and reinstitute the tank slowly without any additional, unnecessary situations. FOCUS!!!!

    *get the water back in there slow with as little fluctuation as possible-ay dios mio. Hope all is well :).