Murky water and cycled media

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    I set up my 120g tank last night. The substrate I used was pea gravel that I bought from Lowes. If you've ever seen the stuff there is a lot of mud in the bags. I rinsed it the best I could. Once I started adding water to the tank it became a little murky as I expected. There are not any particles per say just some cloudyness. Its hard to explain but I can see it churning around.
    The other info you should know is that I added seeded filter media from an established tank and I dosed the tank with ammonia last night. I haven't taken a reading yet today to see whats going on.
    Since I have the seeded media I didn't know if I should do some water changes to try to clear up the water or give the 2 AC110's a few days and see what happens. I doesn't appear that the water is getting much clearer as I can still see the murkyness.
    I added Prime last night when I filled the tank because I had cleaned some of the rocks in the tank with a bleach solution. (I am on a well so no chlorine) So I didn't figure I would get an accurate ammonia reading last night so I just added some ammonia and left it. I am getting ready to check the parameters tonight and then dose again to see how far along I am in the cycle with the seeded media.

    I just checked my parameters and it was .50,0,0. I dosed the ammonia and got it up to 1.0. Since it has been 24 hours since I added the Prime I should get an accurate read tomorrow on how my cycle is going.
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    The cloudiness is either a bacterial bloom, which will clear itself up, or it's just sediment from the substrate, which will eventually get picked out by the filters or will settle down.
    You should be able to do a few water changes to get some of it out of the water, as well. Just keep the ammonia at the appropriate level so the bacteria doesn't starve.

    Once the water clears, if you're pulling seeded media from your other tank, you can begin stocking the new tank. Just be sure to do a few water changes to bring the ammonia to zero and then stock slowly. For example, if you took half of the media out of the 75g and put it in the filters for the 120, you could add a handful of small fish, and the nitrifying colony would be able to handle it just fine. Add a couple of fish every week, and you'll build the colony slowly. I've done this with other tanks before and have had zero ammonia in them.
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    sounds like the same thing that happened when I set up my african tank....with crushed coral....took me a week of daily water changes to get the tank clear.....then I started cycling the tank....and remember when you do water changes, pour the water over a plate or something flat to not stir up the subtrate....otherwise, you will be back to square one.....eventually my tank settled down when I do the water or not pea gravel does that, im not sure as ive never used it.....but I can offer a link for the "instant cycle" method....please read this
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    I am sure the murkyness is from the gravel I was just concerned because it seamed like the filter wasn't helping. I left the carbon in the filters for the first couple weeks to help with this and the tannins.
    I am not sure how much BB I picked up from the other tank. One of the bags of ceramic rings had been in the established tank since last October. The other one I put in the established tank about a month ago. I have been raising the ammonia to about 1 ppm each day and it is dropping a little after 24 hours but I am still seeing no nitrites or nitrates. So I don't plan on adding any fish right now. The main reason is that I am going to stock with angels, cardinals, and corys ( none of which really do well during a cycle) so I figured I will wait. I have been slowly adding plants and I am sure this will help as well.
    I did do a pwc tonight (about 20%) with the gravel vac and I pulled a lot of sediment from the gravel.