Multis Arriving Way Sooner Than Expected

  1. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    I've had the empty tank sitting here for a while. I had planned on getting Multis this fall/winter. They are hard to find so I was going to order on line. I found an ad on a local cichlid club site posted by someone who is thinning their tank out. So I guess this is my opportunity.
    I'm frantically ordering shells, filters, hoods, heaters. I have backups of all of those here (except for the shells) but I wanted something different for this tank. I am not worried about any of those, it's just been a mad dash in ordering.
    There are a few things that maybe someone who has kept multis can help me with.
    I'm having a problem with the idea of water changes only once a month. I get that they don't like changes in water, but if I took 2 gallons out every week (20G L) and gradually added it back in like I do with acclimation, would that really bother them?
    Do you use the cichlid salts? As far as buffers, I was not planning on using them. I'm a steady 8.0 pH.
    Are their any other weird things I should know? I didn't think they would be that different than my Mbunas.
  2. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    One more important question...How do you clean the bottom? They are burying their homes.
  3. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Monthly waterchanges?? Where'd you hear that?? (Not doubting you but I want to get some Multies as well)

    I would think vacume the tank same as any other tank. If all else barebottom with the shells. Maybe? I'm new to them as well.
  4. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    I know it sound crazy right? It was one of the Shell Dweller specific sites. Most don't mention water changes at all so I never thought about it before but this one went into detail about it. I know there are people on here that have shellies so I thought they might chime in with their water change routine.
  5. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Huh... interesting...
  6. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    Okay, this has gotten crazy...the seller, who obviously is successful in raising multies because they need to thin out their tank, responded with a pH number of 6.0. I have 8.0. All the shell dweller sites give pH numbers in the 8's. I figured I was golden. I'm at 8.o. I'm suppose to pick these fish up Monday. I don't want to set myself up for failure. Apparently everything I have researched is wrong. @Tiny_Tanganyikans do you have any advice?
  7. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    You in the states? :D might have to ask you to get me some ha ha. (Border fees would be through the roof...)
  8. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    I'm in Illinois. They don't ship. I guess I am the last to get fish. They are selling me 3 established pairs and 4 juveniles. (I actually think they are bringing in new blood for the juveniles) I have no interest in breeding, but I guess they just breed if the environment is right for them. If they start dumping fry I suppose I could just send some your way if it's not cost prohibitive. (I've never shipped fish so I have NO idea...but I'm getting ahead of myself. I have to deal with this pH problem. Acclimation is going to take me hours. I'm hoping they are not as delicate as I have read on a couple of sites. (The majority of sites say nothing about them being sensitive so I'm going with that)
  9. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    Manatoba? darn. Close friends visit their daughter in London ON on a regular basis. Little too far. (I know how to hide fish in wheel wells. lol)
  10. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    What?!?! Wheel wells?? That's hilarious. No it's all good. :D I have to work on tabk management because I'm only allowed 3 tanks at a time.
  11. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    Hahaha...That's what my hubby said before he saw me setting up tank number 10 and informing him that he was driving me to Wheeling to pick up these fish. (Don't like going to strange peoples' houses. Turns out they are paranoid also and the meeting is at a gas station. :) )
  12. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    I tell my sister to text me in 15 minutes and if I don't respond to call and if I still don't, call the cops :)
  13. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    Now just waiting. Waiting for my Multis, waiting for my shells, waiting for my hood. The multis will arrive first. Monday night. Yes I know I'm a giddy 12 year old.
    The shells will be in the next day. The seller assures me they will be fine for one day without shells. The hood, who knows. No confirmation on that yet. It has been a mad scramble to set this up before Monday. I will transfer the filter media in right before we set out to get the fish. (Rocks courtesy of the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone.) The granite holding down the spiderwood will not stay once the wood is waterlogged. I can't wait. (Obvious huh?)
    For the first time ever, my pic is too large. Had to resize. I guess they changed formats on the forum. IMG_2152.JPG
  14. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Dang that's gonna look good. :)