Multiple Warpaint Gobies


My LFS recently got some green clown gobies / warpaint gobies.

I took one home cause I love their colors, and heard they do really well in smaller tanks.

All of those gobies were itty bitty, maybe 3/4 of an inch tops. My guy is between 1/2 and 3/4.

Little guy is hiding as expected, but would adding some more help him he more confident? And would adding them at this age negate territorial tendencies later?

They also had yellow clown gobies and one black clown, which I equally adore.

The green guy would otherwise be alone save for 2 hermits and some corals, so I worry he’ll get that “dither-syndrome”

Are there other fish or invertebrates that are better for being dithers that would go well in a 10 gallon? Preferably something cheap, but I’m getting a bonus soon.

Just wanna make sure this guy isn’t always stressed and hiding. I’ve got about 20 pounds of rock for him to perch and nibble through, specifically to let him not feel on the spot so to speak.

Idk, I got him yesterday, he’s tiny, so I’m probably just overreacting, but I wanna make sure he lives a happy life.

Question Summary:

Does introduction of another fish at an early age negate territorial tendencies? (Or make them “pair up” if I’m lucky to get a male and female?)

Does the introduction of the same species make them more territorial than the introduction of a different yet similar species?

Does adding the same or similar species relax the fish?

If gobies are too aggressive, what other fish or invertebrates (for a 10 gallon) would act as dithers?

Thank you,
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