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    Ok so I just started my 29 gallon tank about 3 weeks ago. Started the cycle with fish. Put in some decor, live plants, and air stone. Also put some root tabs, plant food, and just a tiny bit of liquid co2 every day. Everything was going smooth for the first week. Doing water changes as I should and checking levels in the tank. I had 5 tiger barbs and a red tail shark and they were all doing great. I should mention that my ph has been high (around 7.8) and I haven't been able to get it down even with chems but I'm going to buy some peat and add it so my filter soon.

    Picked up a pleco the following week, added him in, and that's when things started to go down hill. One of my barbs got ich. It spred fast and I ended up loosing two barbs and my shark.I started treatment for it quickly with marineland all-in-one remedy and it cleared up that problem but not be for I lost some fish.

    After the loss of fish one of my barbs has been attacking the other two almost non stop. stressing them out bad. Today I wake up and all the barbs are calm but they all staying at the top of the tank not swimming around at all. Only one is moving around but he's staying at the top too. Even the pleco is staying right at the water line. Also the fins on all the barbs look damaged. Almost like they're starting to fall apart but not bad.

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong besides probably not having enough barbs. I was going to get more today so they can school but now they're doing this and I don't want to add more just to loose them. Any advice will be appreciated.

    Tried posting picture but they're file size is too big
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  2. clk89

    clk89Fishlore VIPMember

  3. OP

    ReCause5764Valued MemberMember

    Did a 10% water change just now. Tested my water a bit after that and everything is high PH is 7.8, ammonia was sitting at 1ppm, nitrite is at .25ppm, and nitrate is at 10ppm

    I did a 30% water change yesterday as well. Idk why everything is this high this fast. Should my tank still be spiking like this after 3 weeks?

    Btw when I got home two more of my barbs died. Just have the solo one now.

    I have a spare 20 gallon tank with no filter. Should I put the barb and pleco in an empty tank and let this tank finish its cycle?
  4. clk89

    clk89Fishlore VIPMember

    I would do larger amount for a water change, around 50%. If your tank wasn't cycled or it got a mini cycle then yes it can spike like that after three weeks.

    If your twenty gallon has no filter, how is it cycled?
  5. OP

    ReCause5764Valued MemberMember

    It's not. But I figured I could do daily water changes to keep everything down
  6. clk89

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    I'm not sure if putting the fish, especially a heavy pooper like a pleco, in an unfiltered uncycled tank is actually better. I would work on the issues this tank has. Have you tested your tap water?
  7. OP

    ReCause5764Valued MemberMember

    Yes I have, it's high in PH but everything else is low.
  8. tokiodreamy

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    Taking the fish out with take out the ammonia source and kill the cycle. Do not put them in an uncycled tank.

    Do a large 50% water change asap. Test again in an hour and if the levels are still above .25ppm do another 50% water change.

    Do you have prime? It can help detoxify some of the ammonia and nitrites. If you have it, dose for the volume of the tank. If you don't have it please get some asap.

    It looks like your tank either:
    Did not cycle fully and you added more fish too quickly
    It was cycled and you didnt wait a week until the cycle was well established and the high bioload of the pleco was too much too soon for your tank to handle.

    Also, DO NOT change your ph! It is perfectly fine and changing it will cause unstable ph swings and can kill your fish. Its best to keep it at the ph it is especially when you need to do a large water change! If its close or matches your tap water than its safe to do large water changes. You don't want a ph shock!

    Also what are you using to test your water with? Have you tested your tap water?

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