Multiple Plecos

  1. tetraboi

    tetraboi Valued Member Member

    I have always been hearing about how you cannot put more than one pleco per tank. But the fishkeeper said that you can put two in a tank. Is this true?

    They are both small plecos and it is a 20 gal
  2. Goldiemom

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    Some get away with it. I tried but unfortunately one killed the other.
  3. Bry

    Bry Valued Member Member

    That depends on kind of pleco and how big the tank is. I have two clown plecos (which get about four inches) in my 55. But if those are common plecos you have, they get like two foot....
  4. 2211Nighthawk

    2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    It depends. I have a pair of proven male bristlenose (also only about 4-5” long). The elder was from a packed tank so he was used to sulking away while the younger was a good 2” shorter and was used to being alone. Got a little violent the first time they ended up in the same cave during a water change but I’ve seen them a couple times pretty close to each other. Close enough they know the other is there anyways. So far no scrapping and they have half a dozen caves between the two of them. It’s also a 65g tank and they have other loaches to scrap with.

    That being said, for a 20g, I absolutely would not have 2, becuase even a 20g is pushing it for the smaller plecos. Do you have a picture of yours?
  5. OP

    tetraboi Valued Member Member

    Ok thanks for the help!