Multiple macro algae in same refugium


Is it possible to grow more than one macro algae in just one chamber of my sump? I have read that different algae have different benefits and I'm curious if I would need multiple chambers to grow them individually or have 1 large chamber and grow several.
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Not exactly what you are asking, but we ended up with multiple macro algae types in the same aquarium without issue. If the chamber if large enough and you are trimming back regularly, you can keep different types in the same area.

What types were you thinking? The ones I would avoid are Caulerpa mexicana (when it goes sexual it can kill tank occupants, and it is illegal in some states), grape calurpa grows extremely fast and if it gets in your main system can be hard to remove (it puts roots deep in rocks), and octodes also because if it gets in your main system it can be really hard to remove and grows fast (we had this root in a coral and nearly kill it!). Ones I like are chaetomorphia, flame algae, and lettuce algae.
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Okay thanks. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with chaeto but I haven't decided on the other. It was really just a curiosity based question. I'll probably start with just the chaeto and maybe add another later on.

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