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Discussion in 'Air Pumps' started by Ashy777, Nov 14, 2018.

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    So i have 2 pumps with 6 filters... my question is if possible what is the process off hooking up 3 filters to one air pump? i do understand the pump needs to be strong enough firstly..what comes next?
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    So let me get this straight; you have 2 air pumps and you want to connect one of your 6 filters to it?
  3. Mr. Kgnao

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    I'd make a couple simple bleeder valves but use them as outputs.
  4. Shasta

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    So it sounds like you want to hook up 3 filters (I assume sponge filters?) per pump and I’m going to guess each pump is 1 outlet only.

    Yes it’s possible, main thing will be that you will have air pressure/power divided in 3 per pump (though I found that if tubes aren’t the same or other stuff it won’t divide the air power eventually)

    Mainly you will need:
    -non return valve like for ALL air pumps
    -there are air splitters that you will need 2 half splinters or something that can separate to multiple
    -air control value if you want to control the amount of air power for each

    I can add a pic of how I divided 1 outlet for 2 sponge filters and got the other outlet splitter to a sponge filter and control valve so it’s not backing air back to the pump.
    *when I get back to my dorm to take the pic*

    **** though I just remember there are also multi air control valves that split for several openings so while I don’t have experience, though should be leave none used closed and choose how much air power per filter. So might be simplier for 3 filters per assumed outlet since the half splitter things I use are convient for 2 filters/item per outlet.

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