Multiple Angels??

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I have a 29 gallon tank that has been cycled and running for a couple of months now and has been doing great! Since the start I have only lost an albino pleco and a couple of guppies which were given to me from an over crowded tank. The rest survived.

Currently I have an angel fish, a 3" common pleco, two sunset mollies, three tettras, 6 mollies, and a mystery snail (which had recently laid a clutch of eggs) .

The local pet store had informed me that having more than one angel in a fish can result in aggression with the angels teaming up on all of the other fish. I've had all of my fish since almost fry and have never had a problem with fighting fish.. Id love to add some more color with a new angel but I don't want to risk any of my others to get hurt in the process, any advice?
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I have heard different opinions on keeping different angels. I have heard that if you want to keep multiple angels you should keep 3 so they pair off —Or something along those lines—. Though I have never kept multiple angels, so you may want someone else's opinion on that.

Are you referring to a Bristlenose pleco, or do you actually mean common pleco? If you actually mean common pleco then it needs to be rehomed or upgraded ASAP. Common pleco's get HUGE and need at least a 200 gallon.
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Only one angel in a 29 gal tank. You're already overstocked with so many mollies, and you have some stocking issues if you'd like to discuss them. We can help you stock with more colorful fish if you want, too.
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So first, your tank is over stocked. I will list the problems out, hope I'm not being too harsh.
1) You can only have 1 angel fish
2) Tetras should be in a minimum school of 6
3) Common plecos grow over 12 inches long
4) You have to many mollies

So I suggest you return the tetras and pleco. Or you can lessen the number of mollies to 2 and up the school of tetra to 6. What kind of tetras do you have? What kind of filter do you have? Many live bearers are huge poopers thus you can't have as many do to their huge bio-load. Any HOB you get should have a gph of at least 180 (9-10x gph of the tank size). Most filters that say "for 20 gallons or for whatever gallons usually are too small.
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I get it! I have recently gotten hooked on angelfish. I have a koi angel in a 30g, a marble angel in a 26g, and 8 juveniles in a 45g with hopes two will pair off and become a mated pair. Only two adults in a 45g. Now I am looking around at how can I rearrange the furniture to fit in a 75 gallon tank so can keep more of them, lol.
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Thanks for all of that advice! And no hard feelings to any responses. My tetras are black skirt tetras, and unfortunately my pleco is not a bristle nose. Like I had said before, most of my fish were almost newborn when I had gotten them and I was actually told that it was a bristlenose and would not get any more than a few inches long, I was misled by that. The mollies came from a friend of mine who (no kidding) had over a hundred in a 10 gallon, so I had gotten a Netful to try to help thin out her school. I'm running an aqua tech 30-60 pump with a basic bubblestone and some plastic plants throughout. Between my pleco and mystery snail, they keep the tank spotless and I am tossing in 1-2 algae tabs every 2-3 days and they finish it like it is nothing. (My angel helps with that). I do not care too much about the mollies.

I had gotten the tetras as my first addition after the tank had cycled and they were 3 for $2, to give a reason why I had gotten 3 and did not want to add more as I did not want to add 6 at once.

And to add to that, my black skirt tetras have gotten quite large and I feel 6 would just over bear my little 29g.
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Yep without research and knowing how to identify different fish sometimes when you go to the pet store you think that fish will stay that size or only grow a little bit more but... So are you going to give away the pleco? And some of the mollies? As for your friend I suggest she give away or sell her mollies. The pet stores sometimes take them and will give you store credit. Technically by helping her take the mollies you allow more fish to grow and in a month there will even be more. Due to black skirt tetras physiology they can get big for a tetra since they are more of a horizontal rounded rhombus then a horizontal oval.
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With an angelfish in the tank I would strongly consider returning the tetras. They can be nippy with angel fins. and having only three, it increases the odds of them nipping. The common pleco can get 18 to 24 inches in the right conditions. I would trade the tetras for a school of 6 smaller peaceful fish, examples 6 cardinal tetras, harlequin rasboras, glowlight tetras, black neons, cherry barbs, . They are all peaceful and do well at the same temperature as the angel and are too big to be eaten. .Welcome to the forum and glad you joined us. Alison
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Sorry for all of the confusion! I had just now caught onto it! In my original post I had intended on stating I had 6 guppies!! Not mollies!! Haha. I intend on keeping my pleco as I will soon be getting a 90 gallon when I move and have a bigger area to keep it in my house.

My golden inca snail had just laid a second clutch of eggs. Exciting stuff.

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