Multi tank syndrome

  1. nhaiflich Member Member

    So I started with a 46 gal tank.... Have since added a 55,30, and 10...A relative just offered me a 29 for free.... Think my husband is gonna kill me!

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  2. Delaneyw Well Known Member Member

    If you don't want it.... I could find room for more tanks.... :p

  3. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    I started with a 40 gallon I was going to make community. While it was cycling I decided I wanted Fancy guppies. Of course they can't going into a community tank so I had to get a nice little 10 gallon. In the meantime while it's cycling I decided I wanted to put red cherry shrimp in with my guppies and the community & just so happened found someone on Craigslist selling a full 10 gal setup close by for $10. How could I say no. So now I will breed shrimp. I started my big tank July 3 the first 10 gallon July 14 and this one July 25. That's definitely MTS.
  4. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    Take it, set it up, and when he asks about it just say, " What that tank? We've had that one forever! You never notice anything!!!"

    Going on the offensive helps in these situations!

  5. k9z3boys Member Member

    Guppies dont go in community tanks?!

    our MTS has led to 2 upgrades in the last 6wks.... we have it bad, too
  6. aHumanBeing Well Known Member Member

    MTS is contagious, i've got a 36 and a 75 running and cycled for sometime. I also have a 55, 40 and a 20 waiting to be setup lol.
  7. ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    MTS is not a problem at all; what I fear is lack of opportunity to place all my tanks syndrome (also known as sneaking a large tank past your wife syndrome, explaining that glass was on sale, and some fool had glued these 5 pieces together, thereby making it an absolute bargain).-rick

  8. celizabethh3 Member Member

    I've got MTS too. I started with a 10 gallon tank, recently added a 36g and moved my female betta into a bigger home. I'm now looking for a 20 gallon LONG and I'm going to get another Dymax tank so I can have a male betta. I'm running out of room though .. ;)

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  9. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    I'm definitely an outsider when it comes to MTS. I've had a 10, a 26, a 29, a 180, and a 55 (in that order) during my 20 or so years keeping fish, but never more than one at a time. I always find that one is enough, and I'm obsessed with making that one as good as I can. The cool thing about doing it this way is that a tank is always donated when I move to a new one. Places like retirement homes, fire departments, and rec centers are places that I try and find to take my tanks.
  10. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    I wish there was more people like you in the world! I gave away my 10g awhile ago to my little niece, but I think that was more of an excuse to buy my 29g. LOL ;)

  11. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    I read on this site that if you have fancy guppies in a community tank everyone will chew on their fans so I got their own tank. Which is good because now I decided I went to breed them.
  12. k9z3boys Member Member

    Cute. One of the reasons we upgraded was to get them out of their own tank ....