Multi tank syndrome

  1. n

    nhaiflich Valued Member Member

    So I started with a 46 gal tank.... Have since added a 55,30, and 10...A relative just offered me a 29 for free.... Think my husband is gonna kill me!

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  2. Delaneyw

    Delaneyw Well Known Member Member

    If you don't want it.... I could find room for more tanks.... :p
  3. Linda4088

    Linda4088 Valued Member Member

    I started with a 40 gallon I was going to make community. While it was cycling I decided I wanted Fancy guppies. Of course they can't going into a community tank so I had to get a nice little 10 gallon. In the meantime while it's cycling I decided I wanted to put red cherry shrimp in with my guppies and the community & just so happened found someone on Craigslist selling a full 10 gal setup close by for $10. How could I say no. So now I will breed shrimp. I started my big tank July 3 the first 10 gallon July 14 and this one July 25. That's definitely MTS.
  4. Castiel*

    Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    Take it, set it up, and when he asks about it just say, " What that tank? We've had that one forever! You never notice anything!!!"

    Going on the offensive helps in these situations!
  5. k

    k9z3boys Valued Member Member

    Guppies dont go in community tanks?!

    our MTS has led to 2 upgrades in the last 6wks.... we have it bad, too
  6. aHumanBeing

    aHumanBeing Well Known Member Member

    MTS is contagious, i've got a 36 and a 75 running and cycled for sometime. I also have a 55, 40 and a 20 waiting to be setup lol.
  7. ricmcc

    ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    MTS is not a problem at all; what I fear is lack of opportunity to place all my tanks syndrome (also known as sneaking a large tank past your wife syndrome, explaining that glass was on sale, and some fool had glued these 5 pieces together, thereby making it an absolute bargain).-rick
  8. celizabethh3

    celizabethh3 Valued Member Member

    I've got MTS too. I started with a 10 gallon tank, recently added a 36g and moved my female betta into a bigger home. I'm now looking for a 20 gallon LONG and I'm going to get another Dymax tank so I can have a male betta. I'm running out of room though .. ;)

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  9. Adam55

    Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    I'm definitely an outsider when it comes to MTS. I've had a 10, a 26, a 29, a 180, and a 55 (in that order) during my 20 or so years keeping fish, but never more than one at a time. I always find that one is enough, and I'm obsessed with making that one as good as I can. The cool thing about doing it this way is that a tank is always donated when I move to a new one. Places like retirement homes, fire departments, and rec centers are places that I try and find to take my tanks.
  10. Castiel*

    Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    I wish there was more people like you in the world! I gave away my 10g awhile ago to my little niece, but I think that was more of an excuse to buy my 29g. LOL ;)
  11. Linda4088

    Linda4088 Valued Member Member

    I read on this site that if you have fancy guppies in a community tank everyone will chew on their fans so I got their own tank. Which is good because now I decided I went to breed them.
  12. k

    k9z3boys Valued Member Member

    Cute. One of the reasons we upgraded was to get them out of their own tank ....