Hi! I’ve been bestowed one small black tip mud crab! I work in a science lab & I didn’t want the crab to be preserved just bc it was ID’d wrong, haha

I was wondering how you recommend keeping one crab? Do I need a small tank w a filter? Or should I get a bubbler & just change the water every other day (that’s what we do in the lab for the other crabs that are being kept for research)
I know the water should be kept around 3 ppt bc that the water she was collected from was.

Is there a place to purchase already made saltwater? Any tips would be so great!!

Not a great photo but this is her! I can get a better photo later
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I haven’t kept crabs but hopefully someone who has will be to help with your care question, as for ready made saltwater any Lfs that has saltwater fish should sell it ime.

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