Mts Question

  1. afoifa

    afoifa Valued Member Member

    I've been doing some research and some testing and I've read the Mts are too hard for puffers.

    But I've buffered the ph of my snail tank with only mts in to make it around 5.5-6 ph and found it makes the shell much weaker almost brittle would this work as food for them or still a no? Otherwise I have an old tank full.of them reason?
  2. MJDuti

    MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    interesting thought. My only concern would be the questionable longevity of the snails in that setup. You could always do a smush test. These suckers' shells are much more difficult to break than other snails. See how easy it easy to break in your fingers. What kind of puffer are we talking about here?

    Also, how did you get your pH so low?
  3. OP

    afoifa Valued Member Member

    I used a large amount of alder cones , ( great for tank anyway in small portions) I have they've been in the water a month and still breeding as I'm feeding the snails and also when I do a water change of the main tank I filter some across to the snail tank.

    I went to move a large mts and it crushed without much pressure, the shells have turned a white ish colour and again weak.