MTS and other snails log

Discussion in 'Everythingzen' started by Everythingzen, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Everythingzen

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    The MTS have gotten right to work. I put a handful in each tank and there are always a few in sight, all times of the day, sifting slowly through everything. I cannot wait until I have hundreds.

    I have 2 or 3 smaller bladder snails, that are growing at a ridiculously fast rate. The big one has stopped growing. I suppose they will breed eventually? Not sure I I'm a fan yet. I like Ishmael just fine, but I don't want hundreds of these guys.

    Now, the ramshorns are the funny thing. I have 1 giant snail left of the handful I bought, the others died. He is alone in his tank. The other tank, however, has had babies and more babies, and then more babies. There are no adults, just more and more babies. I cannot see where they're coming from - no eggs that I can see, so it's a bit odd. I can give them to my fish guy. I'm going to give him everything that gets out of control in my tanks :D

    I'll add pics sooner or later.
  2. RogueAgent94

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    That's great! I'm searching for a good place to get some MTS from. I need some for my sand substrate.

    Eh. I don't like bladder snails unless they are food for puffers ect. Just a nuisance in my opinion.

    Haha ramshorn are like that. They'll put more energy into breeding than growing, IMO. The eggs are almost transparent from my experience. And usually they lay them on the silicone in the corners so it is hard to see them.
  3. OP

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    Would posting snails from here to there be impossible? When they multiply a bit more I will be getting rid of some.

    I think I'll end up trying to get rid of the bladder snails, too.
  4. RogueAgent94

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    Impossible? No. Difficult? Yes. Haha. Too many regulations ect to get around. That's why I didn't ship to America and Canada when I had my fish business in India.