Mrs. Guppy the Second got the exact same problem!

  1. LWormy Member Member

    Ok, so as some of you might know, one of my guppy died of very mysterious reason. She just stopped eating and starved to death. She have no apparent injury or mark or anything. Now her daughter (she is now 3 month old) have the exact same problem. My water quality is perfect, but she just stopped eating. None of the other guppies are behaving any differently. I tried all sort of food but she will just put it in her mouth and than spit it out. :( I will post a picture as soon as I can. Any help? I don't want her to die too! Is it a genetic disease?
  2. rsutoratosu Member Member

    Do you have access to live food. Like live brine shrimp ? I'm going through the same issue with one of my female. The garlic extract helps a little.

  3. LWormy Member Member

    I have access to frozen krill and frozen bloodworm, which she doesn't eat. I noticed redness around the anus, is that a symptom? Can it be internal worm? How do I treat it?
  4. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    Oh no! I'm so sorry!

    Is there any chance she could have just given birth? My guppies stop eating and get red bums after giving birth. and some fish do die after having fry.

    Fish don't generally starve in a week. They can go two weeks without food due to them being cold blooded (they exert less energy maintaining their body temperature than we do) so I don't think Mrs. Guppy died of starvation.

    Get that picture up as soon as you can. Or a video? It would really help to see her.

    I have my fingers crossed for you and Miss Guppy.x

    EDIT: I am just going to go back through your previous thread and check a few symptoms, just to refresh my memory :) it would be good if you could write them all on here so others can see it straight away. any little thing you suspect to be "off".xxx

    Mrs Guppy 1 had washed out colour, trouble swimming, looked very thin. Is miss guppy 2 the same?

    What are your water readings? Your tank is pretty well stocked. 2 ADF's, 1 male guppy, 1 female guppy, . You may need to be careful with medication with the frogs. I have no experience but I assume with them being scaleless meds will affect them.

    Have you tried the Garlic Juice?

    When did she last eat? Hopefully she will be getting something from putting it in her mouth.

    Could you make some sort of QT? The last thing we want is this spreading further. A large tub, airstone and heater with regular water changes will do.

    Please can you write as much information as possible regarding her symptoms, post a picture or video of her and get back with your current readings. It will help others to answer questions without going back to the other thread.

    How is she doing now?x

  5. LWormy Member Member

    Oh yes! She just gave birth 1 week ago! Is that why she is not eating? I certainly hope so! She have redness around the anus, she is not pooping, and it look like a red string like bloodworm is in her anus. I am worried that it is intestinal worm. What do you think?
  6. rsutoratosu Member Member

    Does it look like this?

  7. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    A week is a longer than mine wouldn't eat for after giving birth. Can you get a picture up?x

  8. LWormy Member Member

    I will try to get a picture today, my camera sucks. And by the way, no, it does not look like that. Since it is kind of transparent around the guppy's anus, I can see a red string in it, kind of like poop. Any idea what it is?
  9. LWormy Member Member

    Here are some pictures, sorry the pictures are not so good. Her stomach is bulging out a little, and she is still not eating anything. It seems like she is not hungry. She doesn't even try to get her food. She is swimming a little slower than usual, any ideas?



  10. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    I honestly can't really tell I'm afraid.

    She looks constipated which would explain the problems swimming, I only know the pea route here so if she's not eating getting her to eat some shelled, cut up pea may be tricky but if you have some peas, it may be worth a go.

    It may explain why her anus looks off, but that may be something more severe, I'm not sure. When you say it's transparent with red string inside is it anything like this...

    that is a female guppy who has unfertilized eggs in her stomach. the eggs appear orangey red and look like lots of tiny dots up close, once fertilized the spot becomes black as the fry develop their eyes.x

  11. LWormy Member Member

    Yup, that is exactly what it look like. So my guppy is pregnant again? Her stomach seems to be bulging a little. She wouldn't eat the peas. She ignore anything that fall on the gravel and only go for stuff that is in motion only to spit it out as soon as she put it in her mouth.
  12. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    If her Gravid spot is orange, I would say no. They are unfertilized eggs, if they turn black or have black bits in then she is. Being housed with a male means it is very likely she soon will be if she is not already.

    It may be that her orange tummy isn't the problem. But, she is bulging. It suggests constipation. I haven't tried it myself but apparently Epsom salts help, I'll search for a little more info and get back to you but, I am leaning towards constipation and away from parasites in my mind (this is my opinion, it is not fact.)x

    EDIT: you could try an Epsom salt bath, you'll have to search the "recipe" but, also have a look at Dropsy and make sure she hasn't got that. How is her swimming?x
  13. LWormy Member Member

    She is not swimming that bad, it just that she is a TINY bit slower than before. How do I fix constipation? I feed them micro pellets, and it might be a little too big so I will switch to flakes. Is that a good idea?
  14. LWormy Member Member

    Ok, I jut found a little tiny string that stick out of the guppy's anus. I am assuming that is indeed parasite and it is poking it's godd""n head out. What medication to you suggest to treat it? It seems like intestinal worm to me. Will the med hurt my frogs and snails?
  15. LWormy Member Member

    I found Tetra Parasite Guard and people say that it is not safe for snails and frogs. If I move my 3 guppies to QT tank and treat them, will they get better? Anyone with experience about how well Tetra Parasite Guard work?
  16. LWormy Member Member

    I also found Panacur and heard that it is better because it is snail and frog safe. I am suppose to feed the paste to the guppy. It is meant as a dog/horse/sheep, etc. dewormer and supposedly work for guppy too. Since my guppy won't eat, I don't know how to give it to her. I have no experience making gel food and such and I doubt I can get my hand on any of the material before it's too late. What should I do? All of my fish seems to be infected now.
  17. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    I haven't used either of the above medications and have no experience with frogs I'm afraid, but I would for sure QT the sick Guppy. If they all appear sick, QT them ASAP. I use Paraguard or disease clear, Paraguard being my preferred med.

    I haven't tried it myself but if she was mine and had the same symptoms I would try bathing her in Epsom salt. You'll have to search for the recipe and you can add the salts (it's actually magnesium sulfate) to the tank but I would start with a half hour bath and see if that helps.x
  18. LWormy Member Member

    Since all of them seems sick, wouldn't it be a better idea to remove the frog and the snails and treat the current tank instead? The parasite are probably all over the gravel and water, etc. It would be more beneficial to treat the whole tank right?
  19. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    It's up to you how you treat it. Some meds can kill all your Beneficial Bacteria in your filter, stain your decor etc. So I would move mine to a bare bottom QT so as not to affect the cycle in the tank. You may also have some meds in the water upon returning the frogs but, as I say I have no experience with frogs, I just know they are sensitive.

    I must also say that there is no way to tell what it is for definite from your pictures. You begin the thread talking about a guppy not eating and, as parasites are very different, I suggest you begin a thread in the disease section of the forum with a title such as "Has my Guppy got parasites?" or something quite direct. You will probably find more advice there from the "disease pros". A photo or video of the anus would help along with a good description would be the most helpful. It can be easier to get a video as they are fast little things.

    You will need to clearly describe symptoms if you do not post a video. "Swimming slowly" isn't as descriptive as "appears lethargic and floaty, having trouble swimming and seems to be getting caught in the current" for example.

    I wish you all the best with Mrs. Guppy and the others, I'm sorry I can't give you more direct advice.x
  20. LWormy Member Member

    ok thank you