I have 80 gl FOWLR and one tang, a angle and a shrimp.

We are moving and approximately the fish will remain in bag or bucket for at least 6 hrs.

I am curious how should I move the fish. I have two idea.
1. Put them in the bag and than in a Styrofoam chest. But I'm worried that I have no arrangement of adding the oxygen in bag.
2. Put the fish in a 5gl bucket (instant ocean bucket) and put the bucking in the Styrofoam chest. For this I thing I need a air pump, But I live in a small town and I may not be able to get one soon.

Please advise which one is best or any of your safe idea.

Also at our new home, I have to put the aquarium on the wood floor. So do I have to do something on the wood floor, I mean cover it or something, to protect it from extent humidity and sometimes evaporated salt on the floor.

Thank you for reading and appreciated if can get some advise.
At places that you can buy fishing stuff (tackle, bait, boxes, etc), a lot of them have battery operated air pumps for live well buckets. I think maybe Walmart has them too.
Will the tank be on the floor permanently? From what I've read, that's not a good idea.

You mean the tank?
I don't have any bare floor. Either wood or carpet.
Just to clear my self, the house has only one floor and the floor is Laminate or wood which is not too old.
This is the only option I have. Please advise what can I do.
Thank you
Why can't you get a stand? I would buy or build one.

It is on the stand. pls see the picture.
But there is a 20gl sump underneath.

One more question.
I was advised by someone not to disturb the sand.
It will be very heavy with the sand.
Does it matter if I take out the sand in bucket and keep it full with water.
Thank you.
Ahh, I thought you literally meant the tank would sit on the floor, not that the tank would sit on the stand.

I wouldn't risk moving the tank with wet sand in there either. I think that would be way too heavy for you.
So its okay to put it on the wood floor?
For the sump I just got the idea to put a 2x4 lumber underneath it so the air can flow and I can do cleaning if needed. Pls advise.

For the sand, I heard that there is some biological filtration lives underneath the sand and they need very low air. If I move the sand the biological filtration would be highly effected and some disease can spread. Pls note that I'm also taking the water with me in a hope that I don't have to run the cycle again.

I'm sorry one more advise. You can see a white over flow pipe in my tank. Sometimes I don't like it, what can I do with it so it blend with tank environment, I mean sticking something or wrapping it with something.
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The tank stand, yes.

I'm not sure what you mean with the 2x4s underneath the sump. Is this so it won't sit on the floor?

The water doesn't hold the bacteria. It's in the sand, on the rock, and in the sump.

Sorry, I don't know much about the sand situation.

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