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  1. Michelle

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    i have a 5 gallon tank with 3 guppies and 2 cories and i'm moving this saturday, 45 minutes away. should i take some of the water from the tank and put the fish in it and take more of hte water too then empty the tank and take it and the bags of water with fish int hem and then just transfer them into the tank with new water and there old water????

    i really want to do this right any advice would be great please

    i have 2 days to figure it out.
  2. vin

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    I might be off base here so someone please correct me if I am wrong......but here's what I would do.

    I would try to keep all of the water from the tank. Put it in sealable jugs or buckets.
    I would also move the fish in a plastic bag in water from the tank so it can all go back into the tank when it's set up again.

    I also wouldn't rinse anything off and try to move the tank with the substrate and decorations in it to avoide destroying the good stuff (bacteria).

    And I would be sure that 1. This were the last thing that was to get broken down for moving and 2. the FIRST thing that gets set up.
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    Vin's advice sounds great.. I wouldn't clean the tank at all and try to save every last bit of water if i could.

    And always, I am not sure if this is possible for you, but it is alot better if you have a day devoted just for the fish. On moving day, there are alot of things that can get you distracted, and this is the last thing you want to happen. If it is possible, I would move the fish in a day before or a day after moving day. That way you can devote that time directly to the fish and won't have to rush to get things done, etc. Just seems easier :)
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    yes and try to get the fish all set up either before, or after, the moving of all the other stuff
    good luck ;)
  5. OP

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    thank you for your advice much appreciated
  6. Jon

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    although the advice you have heard may be helpful i would suggest against taking all of the water....

    its not necessary and could be a hassle... Just make sure when you move the tank that there is a tiny bit of water over the gravel... keep your filter media under the water too... this will save your bacteria... put the fish into bags from fish stores like they do and just ship them like that.

    if its only a 45 min trip this should work. gl.