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    Irish Rose Valued Member Member

    Two weeks ago I had to move out of my house. Unfortunately, during the hasty move, my 37 gallon tank lost it's seal and I have had to cram 6 Lemon Tetra, 6 Blue King Tetra, 5 Black Phantom Tetra, 3 Zipper Loaches and a Dwarf Gourami into a 15 gallon tall tank. I have 1 Angel fish, 3 Fancy Guppies, 4 Endlers and 4 Zebra Danio in a 5 gallon. THIS IS NOT MY CHOICE :'( I am currently staying at a friends and have the tanks at the office.
    Here's the question.
    I was living in the country with well water that was run through a water softener. I have just rented a house in the city and will have city water. What should I be concerned about with city water? I don't have time to cycle a tank due to the over crowding in the tanks and I need to get them out of the office as soon as I get the house set up. I have resealed the 37 gallon and the tetra, zipper loaches and the Angel Fish will go back in there. The Guppies & Endlers will stay in the 5 gallon and the Danio and Gourami will be in the 15 gallon which stays at the office.
    I have lost several fish already, which is to be expected, but what can I do to minimize the loss. I have added Prime to the tanks with every water change and stress guard a couple of times. I am doing partial water changes every couple of days. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    echi1 Well Known Member Member

    Instead of cycling my tank fully I used beneficial bacteria and let it sit for a few days. It worked okay, but you may get a better brand. You do need to remove the angelfish. That could get ugly fast and to jump start your cycles put the danios in, as I hear they are very hardy. Try testing your water and if it's too hard try a driftwood piece. I think peat was another natural softener too, but sometimes they will turn the water brown. Good luck and hope they all make it!
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    renthus Well Known Member Member

    Tanks don't cycle, filter media does. If you kept your old media wet, it should still be fully cycled.
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    Irish Rose Valued Member Member

    The filter media was tossed when a friend packed up the tank. Everything was done in a hurry. Husband gave me 2 hours to get everything out.