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Sorry, been away a week, the problem with having a 2 year old . Ok, I have the tank 29 gallon, stand, a house with a air propelled spinning wheel (daughter picked out), gravel, and a few fake plants and thought might start with trying 1 real one.
I think I have picked the Fluval 205 for the tank after reading all the posts because I need quiet in my daughters room, and the stackable media, besides it is on sale $100.
I plan to get Visitherm Deluxe heater with indicator light, API test Kit liquid Masterkit, Python, thermometer.
My plan is to start this the 1st week of May so will cycle by the 2nd week of June, my daughter's birthday is June 19th.
Have two questions:
1) other than basics food, extra media, buckets, etc. Am I missing any large item and are any of the above not good or would you recommend different. I am buying at the end of the month.
2) I was told at Petco you can get their used gravel, I am going to see if can at Petsmart. Would this be good to try to quicken my cycle or do you recommend the ammonia adding ways?
Thanks again for all the help, I am so glad I found you guys.
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Sounds like you have things pretty well planned out.

I don't know how well they keep the fish at the chains near you. The chains around me almost always have sick/dead fish so I wouldn't use their gravel if they paid me to do so.

I've cycled with ammonia but If I had to do it again, I think I'd try the raw shrimp method.

Good luck!


Great job researching and planning! Impressive.


Welcome to Fishlore and good luck starting your tank. Keep us posted.



Nothing like a well prepared for fish tank. Hope you enjoy it!


As far as the thermometer goes, I would suggest NOT using digital or sticker thermometer. I have had the best results when using a simple glass, in aquarium thermometer like .

Also, do you know what kind of fish you're gonna get?! Figuring THAT out is the most fun part to plan[:

Prince Powder

I think you have all the hardware in order. All you need now is the basics like a water conditioner, food, etc.

I agree with Lucy, stay far, far away from used gravel or used media offered by chain stores. Their tanks are not the healthiest environments and you might be introducing more than just beneficial bacteria to your tank.
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I will get the Hagen it seems easy to read and if more accurate then that is what I want. I do not want lost fish because of something I do.
I think I am going the shrimp route. read more on it today. Can I get shrimp from grocery store, as long as it is raw? Do I just get one? Do I peel it? OK I am dumb!!!!
As for fish, I hate to tell you how much we have gone back and forth. As this is my daughters, I have taken her 2-3 times a week to the store to look.
We know we want glofish so we will get 6
6 of these = 12 inches or 12 of my 29 gallons when grown
I like the rainbows and gourmis (store discouraged these)
I really like a rainbow shark which I hear is really a minnow but just don't know as the store discouraged it.
the store recommended
6 glofish 2 of each color
2-3 turquoise rainbow fish
and a bottom dweller like a couple I think cories.
Any ideas are still welcome. Hard to believe after all this work of research I am only about 2 weeks from getting started on this.
I am so glad my daughter fell in love with these. I would never have done this without her but I now really REALLY want these fish.
Thanks again any suggestions welcomed!!!!
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You can get the shrimp from the grocery store. You should really buy about two dozen, and cook all but one. Put the uncooked one in the tank (you can shell it) and invite me over for diner to eat the other 23!

I think that Turquoise Rainbow Fish get too large for a 29 gallon tank. But a school of Dwarf Neon Blue (or Preacox) Rainbow fish would be great in a 29. You could also get a school of cories.

A Dwarf GouramI would be fine in your tank, as would Honey Gouami's.

And no you aren't dumb! Dumb would be not asking when you don't know! This is a really good forum, with really nice people (unlike many other forums where people or mean and rude). No one here will ever think you are dumb for asking any question.


It is really cool that you are setting the tank in your daughter's room. I just set up our tank in my daughter's room. She is seven, and she is familiar with nitrites and nitrates, is active in discussions of fish selection, and will sit with me and we will watch the fish for an hour at a time or more.

Sounds like you are well prepared -- more prepared than most of us when we started. One thought on the shrimp method of cycling. I cycled my tank with pure ammonia, but switched to shrimp a weak before we went on vacation so that I would have a constant ammonia source while we were gone. I don't know if this happens all the time, but we had a very strong odor from the shrimp. While the whole family was very tolerant of me and my obsession with the tank as the tank was cycling, I felt pretty guilty that I smelled up Ellie's room.

Once again, I don't know if that happens all the time. I have only had the one experience.


Do you have a background picked out?
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Does anyone know if the shrimp stinks? That would be an issue in my daughter's room as she has severe asthma and her room has to be kept at a constant temp which means we cannot keep her door open at night, so the room would really get stagnant.

Jaysee I think I may go with just black or a blue. I want to showcase the glofish she has wanted from the beginning. Do you recommend different?

Thanks again guys you are all GREAT!!


I think either one of those colours would work well as a background, though I'd probably go with black. You might also want to pick up black or blue lights as well, as that can really show them off in a dark room

heres a link to a video that shows some glofish with a black background under blue light:

as for the shrimp; I've never tried that method, but I have heard some people saying that it got a bit 'fragrant'
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You are right the black background is definitely the way to go. I will get a black light as well.
thanks for the information


Fluval is very quiet and very easy maintenance, I have 3 types of media in my 204 activated charcoal, Bio MAX, & Seachem Matrix. Polishing pads are great but not needed, just makes the water really clear. Is your tank away from windows so you don't get too much algae?
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Yes, I put the tank at the far end of my daughter's room so it will have minimal light and I put some double curtains with wood blinds in so that I can control the light that does come in. My daughter is easily woken by light, so it worked for both.

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