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Hi all! I am planning on moving my fish to a larger aquarium. Currently I have a male betta, nerite snail and 2 pepper corys in a 10 gallon with an Aqueon Internal e10 hang on and a small sponge filter.

My new aquarium is a 20 long with a Tetra Whisper 30 gal hang on filter. I also have Fluval Stratum substrate and I plan on also taking some of the white sand from the 10 gallon to make a little beach for the corys to sift through.

I'm looking for advice to set up the tank and move the fish with the least stress possible. Im very new to the hobby and I've make plenty of mistakes already. I don't have all the plants I want for the aquascape but I'd like to get the new tank set up this weekend and put my small sponge filter in help cycle, I also have a bottle of microbe lift nitrifying bacteria. I would really appreciate any advice on setting up the new tank. Such as would it be ok to get the substrate and decor in and let it cycle for a week or so until the plants come in, then drain it a bit to plant and add back in the water? Also if I want to add some large rocks do I need to put anything under them other than placing on the substrate? I've see videos using filter floss and such. Any suggestions on supplies i may need? Also when rinsing the substrate the bag says to use a collinder but I see a lot of people rinsing right in the bag or even not at all.

I'm sorry this is so long and rambling. I've been watching a lot of YouTube and I dont know if its helping or giving me more questions.


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You could theoretically setup the new tank and move your filter over to the new tank an not have issue since the media should continue to support the bioload.

If you planned on adding anymore fish I would wait a few weeks to let the larger filter become seeded. But you can set the tank up and let the water heat up and dechlorinate it of course and you should be good to go. But any water, substrate, plants, decor you move from the old or new will all house some of the BB. So there really is no need to introduce any of the bottles bacteria.

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