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moving to a new tank

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by Matthew RJ, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Matthew RJ Valued Member Member

    So I'm thinking about going from a 30 to a 40G (I'd go larger, but the stand would only take the 40).

    Any advice on moving a tank?

    I've got a second tank that I use as a QT or in emergency, so I'm thinking fish go in there, move the old tank & put in the new, move the fish to the new home. simple.

    My big question is: how thorough should I be in cleaning, especially gravel? I imagine that in taking gravel out, I'll stir up quite the mess. - I'll probably add some new gravel in too.

  2. JDcichlidlover Well Known Member Member

    I think you should leave at least half the gravel dirty, it has good bacteria on it. And make sure to switch the media filter into the new tank so you have all that bacteria too. And some of the water out of the old tank. The more of the old water you can get into the new tank the less stressful it'll be on your fish.

  3. LyleB Well Known Member Member

    As said above.

    My step-by-step would be as follows, I think this would cause the least stress to the fish, preserve as much BB as possible, but still give you a nice "fresh/clean tank to start with.

    - I would fill the QT with old tank water, move the filter and heater to that tank (do not even rinse the media) - keep it running.

    - Move the fish to QT.

    - Move the rest of the old tank water into storage buckets - new trash can will work good. Add a heater if you have an extra, and an airstone for circulation would be beneficial. You will then be able to take your time with the rest of the move.

    -Gently rinse the old gravel and decor in treated water to get the bulk of the loose debris out but leaving the bacteria unharmed.

    - Rinse the new gravel in treated water.

    - Place the new gravel in new tank first.

    - Top off with rinsed old gravel.

    - Add old tank water to tank very slowly, so as to stir up minimal "gunk". Let settle for an hour or two. (A new plate of bowl placed on the gravel, then the water poured into/onto that will help tremendously.)

    - Add QT water and fish to new tank - again slowly so as not to disturb "gunk".

    - Add temp. matched, treated water to bring level up enough to run filters efficiently. Move old filter and media to new tank. Let things stabilize for a day or so.

    - Add additional temp. matched, treated water to top off the tank.

    Good luck with the move.
  4. TheFishAddict Valued Member Member

  5. Matthew RJ Valued Member Member

    Thanks, someone's done this before. Very exciting time to think about a new tank
  6. TheFishAddict Valued Member Member

    I remember when i rrealized I had crammed four tanks into my tiny room.....Yep, there still there, gotta love aquascpaing and fishies!!!!:)
  7. Matthew RJ Valued Member Member

    Bump, we're getting closer to Christmas, and a 38 Gal is not under the tree, I think it's the next step in my tank build. I'm now wondering about replacing gravel with straight flourite (I have some plants that I want to do well).

    Anyone here familiar with flourite?