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Moving to a new house and have a 55 gal. Any tips to make the move smooth for my fishies?


Need to know how long the trip will be, what type of african cichlids are they and how big are your plecos? Sorry for answering a question with a question, but how you do it depends on the answers to those questions.


This is a subject I need to study carefully. I'm downsizing my tanks (from 15 to 8) before moving. I intend to replicate (in terms of water parameters) as much as I can most of my tanks (I keep planted tanks from extremely soft/acidic to medium-hard/alkaline water)

I know I will take my time moving my fish. I probably move them through a two to three weeks time frame since I'll need to cycle some new tanks.

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The move is just a few blocks actually. I think my Cichlids are just plain common cichlids as they aren't really anything extravagant. Pleco #1, named Big Poppy is getting rather big, probably around 7-8in. Pleco #2, Fat Man is only around 5in. My concern really is the water. Should I just move half the water with the tank so its not a shock. Will have a whole week to move all my belongings so that I don't think is a issue. I won't have a cycling problem if I keep my filters and sand wet will I? I just don't wanna lose any fish. And I am in the middle of finals this week and next so not much time to spend planning!!


Good morning!

The above link may help you some.

I suggest that if you have to remove the fish from the tank that they be placed in a cooler along with their tank water. Avoid using nets and use containers (NEVER seen soap) to capture your fish. Give them a dose of Stress Coat or Nova Aqua to reduce stress.

Yes, keep your substrate and filter media wet at all times.

If you are concerned about oxygen supply and or the fish need to remain in a cooler for a while the Silent Air Bubbler (battery powered back up air supply) may be a good idea. Link below:

They are really great to have if you don't currently have any.

With you only going a short distance, hopefully things won't be too rough on you and your fish.

To prevent pH shock (not knowing what the tap pH is in your new place) I suggest that you add enough of the old tank water first, then add the fish, then fill the tank with fresh water, matching the temperature from tank to tap.

Keep in mind that sudden changes in pH can be fatal to your fish. It's been my experience that you can increase the pH levels without too much of an issue but lowering the pH, and especially too quickly can cause fatalities. Either way (high or low pH) add the new water slowly.

The beneficial bacteria for your tank is not free swimming but attached to all surface areas of your tank with the highest concentrations of it being in your filter and your substrate. So adding new water to the tank should be just like a large water change.

Best wishes!

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