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Hello! I may be moving soon into a new house (Hasn't been built) so I will be selling this house, moving to a temporary apartment, then going to our new home so will have to move the tank twice. My question is how I am going to move my tank. Will the tank still be cycled because I will be using the same filter or am i going to have to take some water in buckets?
The aquarium itself and the filter both contain beneficial bacteria. With your filter keeping it with some ammonia source should keep the bacteria fairly well fed. The same can be said for the tank.
Take the media out of the filter and keep it in a bucket with some of your fish while you move. This will keep the bacteria fed and wet and, hopefully, make things easier on the fish too.

Try skimming out the top layer of substrate and keeping it wet too, then put it back in on top again once you're setting it back up. That way it's not as important how you treat most of the lower substrate.

Consider double dosing Prime once you refill the tank and remember to acclimate your fish to the new water temperature and parameters. Depending on if your new place has a different water source, you can sometimes have very different water parameters even just moving across town. If you keep the bacteria in the filter and substrate alive, there should be no need to keep old water beyond what it takes to move the fish in. It would be a good idea to test for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates a day or two after you move to check if the cycle is still working and maybe do a sooner-than-normal water change.

Remember to not let your heaters run while the tank is dry (wish I had remembered that).

Good luck!
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Thanks thats good advice! Appreciate it

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