Moving Next Month And Changing My Tank


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Hello all,

I will be moving next month and currently have a 46 gallon bowfront tetra tank (cardinals, cherry barbs, and pristella tetras) for the past 3 years. I decided I want to go with a totally different group of fish when I move and get settled in. I will re home my old fish to a fish store and start fresh. I would like to get some small African cichlids, but I'm not sure if my tank is large enough.

I have some concerns about moving and setting up my tank.

1) I have a Malaysian trumpet snail infestation in my tank. Is there a way I remove all traces of them so they won't pop up in my tank when I get things settled?
2) Will I have to re-cycle my tank again? I estimate it will take 30 minutes to drain and clean out the tank. 1 hour + to get to the new apartment, and 30 minutes to get my tank running again. I have a canister filter and will keep my media full of water. Is there a way to keep the bacteria from dying out?
3) I'm looking to have some small African cichlids, but never had any cichlids before. I'm not sure if my tank is too small to have a couple of them.



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Your BB should be fine as long as you keep them in tank water and get it up and running as soon as you get it moved into your new place.

As for cichlids, I honestly don't know too much, but I'm sure others will be able to chime in. I'm a betta girl myself
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