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So on 5 february, I will be moving to a new house, with my fishes (5 danios, 6 neon tetra, 1 DG) who are currently in a 10 gallon tank. New house is only 4 mins drive. I have already bought the house so I can set up things there beforehand, if needed! So, I plan to setting up a 30 gallon fish tank in my new house. So how exactly do I do this? I can't cycle the 30 gallon tank coz I probs can't go to new house everyday. I can although fill it up with water and start tge filter. My 10 gallon is cycled, so could I just use my 10 gallon filter on 30 gallon tank and add the fish right away (30g filter will ve running side by side with my 10 gallon filter).
Another option would be to put some ornaments in the 30 gallon tank this weekend and let it cycle all by itself, or would I still need a ammonia source?

On a side note, I will be using gravel from my 10 gallon in thr 30g, and ofc I will buy some

Please can someone tell me step by step intructions, I have never moved fish tanks before, besides, I'm gonna set up a brand new fish tank in my new house, so I really need help, I just wanna make sure my fishes are okay.

Thanks in advance!
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You could also add the media from your 10 gallon filter to the 30 gallon one, that is what I do when I want to cycle a new tank. You could do that and add the fish right away, you could let it run side by side. Cycling all by itself can take quite a while and you would need an ammonia source.
is an informative video with different ways to start a tank.
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I just completed a 1,000+ mile move with my fish and they all did really well. So 4 minutes should be pretty easy!

Is it the same water source between both houses (city water)? If so, I'd fill up the new tank and run the heater to get it the same temperature as the old tank. Once the temperature is the same, put the fish in a half-filled 5 gallon bucket. What you will want to do is then save as much "stuff" from your old tank. Filter, decor, subtrate, etc. Keep all of it submerged in water -especially your filter! You can get some tubs at like home depot or lowes to put stuff in. Take everything to the old house. You might need to drain a bit of water form the new tank if you are moving substrate to prevent an overflow.

Put all the old tank stuff in the new tank. You have two options with the filter then. One, you could move all the media to the new filter. Or two, run them side by side for a while. If you have transferred the substrate, decor, and filter from the old tank without it drying you should be cycled instantly. To be safe, I'd test the water every other day for a bit to confirm this.

Best of luck!
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Add another element to your filter in the 10 gallon. Put a piece of plywood 3/4 inch under a Rubbermaid bin. Siphon the water (about 3 -4 gallons) into a Rubbermaid bin. Put the fish in the bin. Put the remaining water in a 5 clean 5 gallon bucket. Put filter pad into bucket. Take Rubbermaid bin and 5 gallon bucket to new house. Slide Rubbermaid bin off of plywood. Take back to original house and slide tank onto plywood. Take to new house. Put water back into tank and add fish. Now take your time and cycle new tank.
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Thanks everyone for quick replies! This is why I love this forum

So my plan is to just run the filter side by side until the new filter is seeded. Do you guys know about how long will it take for the new filter to be seeded with this method? Also, I will have a lotta gravel and ornaments from my 10 gallon cycled tank.

Again, tysm!

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